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A C A D E M Y  L E A D E R S H I P

Bill Gonseaux

Chief Executive Officer
Over the last 30 years Bill has demonstrated business executive leadership in a number of industries.  He effectively leads corporate teams while advancing multimillion-dollar revenue streams.  Bill is well-versed in technology and readily synchronizes business development, operational efficiency, sales targets, and technology goals.  He is an excellent communicator who leads multi-faceted teams, large-scale projects and interfaces effectively with other industry leaders. 


Business Development • Strategic Planning • Fund Raising • Process Modeling • Financial Projections • Negotiations
Client Relations • Cost Control • Start-up Operations • Budget Control • Program and Project Management
Construction Management • Real Estate Development • Proposal Development • Application Development
Customer Support • Turn-Around Situations


  • Business Leadership
  • Developed and implemented sales and marketing strategies for a regional construction company increasing profit margins 25%.
  • Built a knowledge base for a telecom Network Operations Center significantly reducing Service Level Agreement violations.
  • Structured the customer service, quoting and marketing departments for a screen printing company improving efficiencies by more that 50%.
  • Led the development of a computer workflow application for a start-up company allowing them to more effectively penetrate the market.
  • Increased the back office functionality of a regional auto dealership allowing them to expand by more than 50%.
  • Built the construction division of a commercial real estate development firm.
  • Completed troubled commercial real estate ventures for lenders and venture partnerships.
  • Co-developed a lost baggage inventory and claim system which was patented (5299116).
  • Co-developed and marketed a health education program.
  • Developed and implemented customer service processes. 
  • Developed strategic and marketing plans.
  • Written numerous business plans (narrative and financials).


  • Taken the chaotic operations of a nutritional company and created operational systems and procedures while growing revenues by over 400% in one year.
  • Increased the operational efficiencies by as much as four times by creating a better operating model.
  • Reduced costs in a number of enterprises by reshaping the business processes and modifying the strategic planning process.
  • Brought reduced expenses and increased revenues to companies through trouble shooting projects.   
  • Established and ran the day-to-day operations of an insurance reconstruction company including reconstruction for Hurricane Andrew.
  • Took 143 mixed real estate units in various degrees of construction and completed the construction and leased the properties.
  • Kept a mission critical dysfunctional program operational for a national lender.
  • Monitored and produced government required reporting for a national lender.


  • System requirements for a telecom billing system
  • Process workflow for a telecom billing system
  • Critical analysis of major construction project (> $1 billion)
  • Restructured construction department (estimated savings $10 million+)
  • Analysis of the acceptance process (telecom construction)
  • Designed and built applications for Fortune 500 companies and regional companies.
    • Stock analysis and tracking application for a brokerage
    • Inventory and floorplan application for an auto dealer
    • Autofaxing and updating application for a major lender
    • Engineering and BOM application for a defense contractor
    • Construction estimating application
    • Lost baggage inventory and claim system (patented)
    • Quoting and customer management system for a national screen printing company


  • Spoken before groups as large as 2500.
  • Authored/Co-authored business white papers
    • Corporate Vision
    • Investment-Driven Business Model
    • Telecommunications Industry Best Construction Practices
  • Authored/Co-authored business articles
    • The Network Shakeout
    • The Network Glut
    • Restructuring Telephony
    • Managing Through Shakeout and Consolidation


Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM) 2008 - Present

WellSpring/Gonseaux Taylor Associates 1995 – Present
          Led this boutique strategic and marketing consulting firm in engagements with a number of Fortune 500 companies including The Associates, Boeing, Lotus/IBM, GTE, CitiFinancial, and Genuity as well as smaller firms in the construction, manufacturing, and auto industries.

Alliance Companies  1992 - 1994

Executive Vice President, COO
Directed all areas of operations and finance including IT, distribution, customer service, accounting, strategic planning, financial planning, HR, and marketing.  Implemented numerous business and technology solutions for this operationally deficient company.  Within 7 months all operations had been restructured and functioning at efficiency improvements as much as three times greater while revenues grew more than 400%.

Gonseaux Interests 1987 - 1992

          Led this business consulting firm in engagements with small to mid-size companies helping them with business process engineering, business planning, strategic planning, and financial planning.  Partner in an insurance reconstruction company.


Montgomery College: Rockville, Maryland – Computer Science
University of Houston: Houston, Texas – Finance



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Sed ultricies dolor at est congue eu luctus velit dignissim. Nulla vitae sodales felis.

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Sed ultricies dolor at est congue eu luctus velit dignissim. Nulla vitae sodales felis.

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