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Sunday, March 18, 2018



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ACIM Fellowship Level 1

Type: Fellowship
Professors: Michael Einsohn, DC; Martin Gallagher, MD, DC; Robert Slovak; Julia Schulenberg, RN; Ida Gaither; W. Lee Cowden, MD; Simon Yu, MD; Martin Gallagher, MD, DC; Jennifer Gramith, ND; Doug Phillips, DDS, CTN, DCH; Michael Kessler, DC; Javdat Karimov, ND; Pieter DeWet, MD; Pieter DeWet, MD; Roger Duda, DC; Ashlyn Sconyers, RN; Allen Sprinkle, DDS; Gary Sconyers, ND; Karen Combs, ND; Ray Hammon, DC, ND; Dr. Tim Atkinson, ND
Duration: Approximately 28 hours

USD $900.00
USD $1,500.00
USD $600.00 (40%)
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