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Tuesday, March 20, 2018



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Webinar: Endobiogeny: A new approach to biology, physiology and the human experience


A new approach to biology, physiology and the human experience

Kamyar M. Hedayat, MD

Endobiogeny will fundamentally change the practice of medicine as we know it. Endobiogeny is a theory of terrain that evaluates of how the endocrine system manages life, health, disease and death. It is neither a movement away from science, nor an uncritical embrace of pre-rational methods of inquiry. Rather, it is a global systems approach to physiology based on experimentation, observation and humanistic principles. With Endobiogeny, we return to Aristotle’s notion that the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The endobiogenic approach evaluates the patient’s life from pre-natal events onward to follow the trajectory of endocrine function in the perpetual dynamic interaction between genetic potential, environment and the mental-emotional experience of the self during traumatic life events. Using a biological modeling tool, the biology of functions, an integrated and inter-related evaluation of sub-cellular, cellular, organ, and global activity can be assessed in a dynamic and functional manner at the physiologic and mental level. The endobiogenic method, and the information provided by the biology of functions will be demonstrated through two case studies involving disorders of the pineal gland.

About Dr. Hedayat:: Kamyar M. Hedayat, MD is the president and the American Society of Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrative Medicine, and medical director of Full Spectrum Health Center for Integrative Medicine. Originally trained in pediatric intensive care medicine at Stanford University, Dr. Hedayat’s early career focus on the medical ethics of organ transplantation, therapeutic abortion, pediatric use of alternative and complimentary therapies, and death and dying in children. Dr. Hedayat was director of integrative medicine and pediatric intensive care where he created the first holistic intensive care unit in 2005. In 2007 he started his training with Dr. Jean-Claude Lapraz in Endobiogeny. Endobiogeny is a theory of terrain that takes a systems-approach to human physiology to create a rational and scientific, yet human-centered approach to wellness and suffering. Endobiogeny considers all forms of therapeutic intervention with an emphasis on medicinal plants, diet and lifestyle management. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Hedayat teaches a fellowship in Endobiogeny in the US and France and is engaged in research and publication in the field of endobiogeny and integrative physiology.

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