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Tuesday, January 16, 2018



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Dr. W. Lee Cowden ZYTO Elite BioSurveys & Trining Package

W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H) ZYTO Elite BioSurveys.
USD $900.00

Fellowship Level Toolkit Live Event Opportunity

Live Event Opportunity
A company selected as a Toolkit company can have a booth and give a short presentation at the Fellowship Level to which they have been selected.  
USD $1,000.00

Fellowship Sponsor

Fellowship Sponso
  •  A separate Company page on ACIMConnect for Company promotion as directed by the Company and approved by ACIM
  •  Logo presence and link on the ACIMConnect home page - Example:  Click Here
  •  Logo presence and link on the ACIM Fellowship marketing page - Example:  Click Here
USD $1,000.00

Fellowship Toolkit Package

The entire group of Fellowship Toolkit Opportunities including:
  • Fellowship Level Toolkit Live Event Package
  • Fellowship Online Opportunity
  • Fellowship Sponsor
USD $3,000.00

Gut/Brain Health, Tight Junctions & a new Paradigm for Membrane Integrity & Cell-Cell Communication

Type: Course
Professor: Zach Bush MD
Duration: 45 minutes
USD $40.00

Introduction to How Water, Diet & Food Choices Influence Health - Michael Einsohn DC

Type: Course
Professors: Michael Einsohn, DC
Duration: 60 minutes
USD $50.00

Laser Energetic Detox guided by Autonomic Response Testing - Doug Phillips, DDS

Type: Course
Professor: Doug Phillips DDS
Duration: 1 Hour
USD $50.00
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