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ACIM Fellowship Level 2 Content Menu

ACIM Fellowship Level 2

Evaluating & Addressing the Roots of Chronic Disease

One of the keys to determine whether something will stand the test of time, is to see how strong the foundation is.  Whether is it a building, an idea, education, or any dream, it requires a strong and deep foundation.  Level 1 of the ACIM Integrative Medicine Fellowship will establish a strong and deep foundation for not only the other Levels but also for the practitioner. 

Our Fellowship is not an adjunct to any other type of medicine. Those who have had no background in Integrative Medicine will find this Level particularly helpful in there understanding of Integrative Medicine.  Those that have been practicing Integrative Medicine for years will have an interest in seeing how the different disciplines interact with each other.  We continue to build a broad foundation in Level 2 for we know that medical knowledge is ever changing.  Getting the basics set in place and then building upon them is crucial to the success of everyone taking the ACIM Fellowship.

Level 2 Topics:

  • Clinical approaches to toxicant exposures
  • Clearing subconscious emotions affecting physical & emotional health
  • The power of probiotics
  • Using IR-Laser, 3-color LED, Magnetic & Ultrasound for healing
  • Ozone therapy
  • Legal pitfalls to be avoided in integrative healthcare             
  • Healthy relationship boundaries
  • Regenerating endocrine glands
  • Sclerology, iridology, tongue-reading & nail-reading
  • Healing with ozone+carbonic acid+Rife sauna
  • Blood sensitivity testing
  • Recall Healing
  • Understanding energy-flow disorders and their solutions
  • Increasing spontaneous remissions
  • Integrative cancer therapy
  • Insulin-Potentiated Therapy
  • Private Membership Associations

Upon successful completion of each module, the practitioner will have attained the necessary knowledge and practical training to implement what has been taught and learned into their practice immediately.  Each Level has a Toolkit of suggested devices, products, and services which are instrumental to the successful implementation of the Level.

Level 2 brings the history of the ancients with the dynamics of today together, building a strong, viable foundation for the future of a practitioner's practice and their clients/patients.  Level 2 takes broad brush look at these important elements.  Most of these foundational components have remained more or less stable over the last 30 years or even much longer. as much of the training comes from long established methods.  The remaining nine levels will build upon and refer to the foundational items taught in this first level.  Broad and deep foundations allow anyone to build great and mighty things.  For they come to you in trust and hope.  "
"They don't ask you to be God but they ask for a path for healing and for hope. Help them find it."

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ACIM Fellowship
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  • All archived videos from all sessions of the live seminar for future use and reference ‚Äč

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