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ACIM Fellowship Level 2 Speakers & Topics

Level 2 Part 1 - April 24 & 25, 2015
Level 2 Part 2 -  June 12 & 13, 2015

Clinical approaches to the environmental contributors to chronic, complex illnesses & Creating a Healthy Home

Dr. Suruchi Chandra


  1. Review the literature supporting the role of environmental factors in the increasing rates of autism spectrum disorders & review the various systems thought to be involved in austism spectrum disorders
  2. Review how common household items could adversely impact health & explore healthier alternatives
  3. Review ways to assess and address with holistic approaches imbalances in the various systems implicated in autism spectrum disorders

There is mounting evidence that environmental influences are playing a role in the increasing rates of ASD. We will use ASD as a model for understading the impact of epigenetic factors on the development and progression of a chronic complex medical illness.  The combination of genetic vulnerabilities along with environmental toxins may result in disturbances or imbalances in the immune, gastrointestinal, mitochondrial, hormonal, and/or neurologic systems in some children.These disturbances often can be assessed through a detailed history and laboratory tests. Evidence based holistic and natural approaches to these imbalances will be discussed, including vitamins, dietary changes, and herbal medicines. With the rise of environmental toxins, there has been an increased incidence of children experiencing health challenges such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, allergies,and digestive problems. A brief overview of the scientific literature on the effects of various toxins on health, includ ding pesticides,BPA, pthalates, flame retardants and toxins in our food supply will be presented.Then,simple tools and strategies will be presented to eat healthier and create a healthy home that will allow the entire family to achieve true health.

Introduction to Ozone Therapy

Dr. Constantine A. Kotsanis


  1. Understand oxygen utilization & the principles of ozone therapy
  2. Aging and diseases of aging
  3. Implementation of ozone therapy into a practice 

Oxygen is the most critical nutrient.  It's not what you take in, it's what you utilize.  The difference between you at 20 and you at 70 is your level of oxygen utilization.  The key to the treatment and prevention of diseae is optimum oxygen utilization.  The good news -- oxygen utilization can be measured and improved.

Resolving Emotions & Associated Chronic Diseases Using The Patient’s Voice Frequencies

Dr. Karen Combs


  1. To understand the relationship between emotions & physical disease.
  2. To understand that even emotions from our parents when we are children or fetuses affect our health.
  3. To learn a method to rapidly reframe emotions & beliefs using frequencies from the patient’s voice.

Ryke Hamer, MD in Germany & his students have clearly shown that most physical diseases & psychological diseases are precipitated by sudden, unexpected emotional traumas. Claude Sabbah, MD in France & his students have shown that emotions we pick up from our parents while we are in our mother’s womb also have a large impact on our physical & psychological health. The tissues in our bodies store buried subconscious & conscious emotions. When we speak, a representation of all those emotions are identifiable in the frequencies embedded in our voice. Evox is a software that helps a practitioner to analyze a patient’s embedded voice frequencies while the patient focuses on memories of a person or an event of their life. Evox converts the patient’s voice frequencies into vibrational harmonic energies that can be delivered back into the patient through a hand electrode while the patient listens to pleasant instrumental music & focuses on that person or event. This rapidly helps to reframe the patient’s perception of that person or event, which then often triggers a physical &/or psychological healing.

O-ring Muscle Testing

Dr. W. Lee Cowden


  1. Learn the principles behind muscle-testing
  2. Learn the things that most commonly cause muscle-testing to be inaccurate & how to identify & correct those causes of inaccuracy
  3. Give a demonstration of O-ring muscle-testing
  4. Supervise attendees as they practice O-ring testing on each other

Coming Soon...

A wealth of information from examination of tongue, nails & sclera

Dr. Chris Ging


  1. Learn to interpret the clinical meanings by observing the capuillary manifestations on the sclera region.    
  2. Learn to interpret the likely diseases by observing the color, shape, teeth print, sublingual veins, phlegm, papillary veins and crackness of the tongue.
  3. Learn to interpret the clinical meaning by observing the thickness, split, color and white dot of the nail.

The students will learn the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis by screening of the sclera, tongue and nail. The clinical caseswill be presented during the presentation to facilitate the learning process.

Visioning and Practice Diagnosis

Dr. Bill Gonseaux


  1. Show the importance of a practice vision & teach how to create and maintain vision
  2. Show why a client vision is important & teach how to implement practice and client vision
  3. Show how to analyze your practice’s current state & how to determine its future state
  4. Teach how to create & implement a strategic plan

Coming Soon...

CoMra therapy (IR-Laser, 3-color LED, Magnetic & Ultrasound)

Dr. Arzhan Surazakov


  1. Introduce the concept and science of addressing the needs of diseased cells with Coherent Multi-Radiances (coMra)
  2. Review the areas of application of coMra-Therapy by discussing clinical experience in neurology, traumatology, pulmonology, geriatrics, etc
  3. Discuss the principles of application and best practices of coMra-Therapy.

Therapeutic applications of non-invasive and non-destructive low-level near infrared laser, visible colour light, magnetic field and ultrasound are well known as healing modalities for pain relief in acute and chronic conditions, regeneration of tissue and modulation of immunity. Numerous biomedical studies and clinical trials have demonstrated that these radiances produce diverse clinical benefits by stimulating key intra- and extra-cellular processes. Low-level near infrared laser and magnetic field stimulate ATP synthesis to provide energy for regenerative and defensive systems of the body. Visible light LEDs promote regenerative messaging (release of growth factors). Ultrasound-induced micromotion enhances enzyme metabolism. In Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy, for the first time, the four radiances are combined in a fully coherent way, to synergistically increase the overall effectiveness of the therapy. Using case reports we will review the main areas of application of Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy together with principles of application and best practices.

Iridology: A Simple Owners’ Manual for Your Body

Dr. Rebecca Thomas


  1. To Acquaint Natural Healing Beginners to Iridology
  2. To Deepen the Knowledge of Iridology to Intermediate Students
  3. To Dispel Iridology Myths and Misnomers

I will give a short history of the development of Iridology followed by an explanation of the basic Constitutional Types.  Each of these types is prone to a set of unique health conditions.  These will be discussed and clarified. 

Over the years, information has been researched and some markings have been found to have a different meaning than was originally believed.  These will be illustrated.  There are changes which are seen as health conditions develop or improve.  I will have two or three illustrations to illustrate these more clearly.

The Power of Probiotics

Dr. Martie Whittekin


  1. To create the profound respect deserved for the multiple crucial roles of a robust, diverse and balanced gut flora
  2. To provide a greater understanding of the many factors to consider in selecting, administering and supporting probiotics
  3. To promote caution regarding the many threats to microbial balance

We now know that there are not only ten times more microbial cells in our bodies than those of our own flesh and blood, but also that they carry 100 times more DNA. That coding and the communications among organisms and with our systems are much more complex than we ever dreamed. We evolved together. As important as proper digestion and elimination are, the functions that probiotics perform extend to optimizing immune system protection, balancing neurochemistry and calming allergy and autoimmune conditions. There are even definable connections to obesity and diabetes. Knowing how to maximize the benefits of our gut flora can be of great benefit to a wide range of health issues. Smart supplementation is much more involved than simply racking up large numbers of CFU’s and it requires understanding the functions of “postbiotics”. We must also be aware of serious new threats to our gut microbiome.

Neoplasm: How it works and how you win

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy


  1. You will learn 4 main categories of neoplasm
  2. Understand causes of abnormal proliferation of tissues
  3. Learn state of the art neoplasm diagnostic testing

If we can understand neoplasm profiles and biological factors related to neoplasms, we can understand the causation and treatment of many other chronic health conditions. Dr. Connealy will discuss the causes of neoplasm and the diagnostic tools to evaluate a patient with neoplasm. She will also discuss many of the tools & techniques she uses in reversing cancer.

ncreasing spontaneous remissions in Patients with Chronic Disease

Dr. W. Lee Cowden


  1. Examine the various causes of chronic disease
  2. Learn methods to determine the causes of chronic disease
  3. Learn some integrative methods to resolve the causes of chronic disease

A spontaneous remission is quite rare in patients with chronic diseases treated allopathically. So often, allopathic physicians in the USA treat the symptoms of disease without ever really identifying & addressing the causes of disease.  Dr. Cowden will describe some of the most common causes of chronic disease & show how they can be identified. He will also show how most of those causes of chronic disease can be resolved with simple, natural treatments so that spontaneous remissions from chronic diseases can become commonplace.

ntegrative cancer therapy: a combination of conventional and complementary treatment modalities

Dr. Friedrich Douwes


  1. Integrative cancer therapy the concept combination of conventional and complementary cancer medicine,
  2. Non invasive cancer destruction
  3. Metronomic non toxic cancer therapy

Nearly 70% of people diagnosed with cancer aren't satisfied with the three choices offered by conventional medicine - surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy - and an increasing number of people are exploring alternatives. We advocate using an integrative approach from the very beginning. This is a combination of conventional cancer medicine (guidelines) with scientific based complementary treatment methods. This implements a total work up of the patient and includes the neuroendocrine- and immune system, the load with toxins, the mitochondrial function and metabolic situation. So we start with repair and detoxification before we start specific cancer treatment.We focus upon treating patients individually, and addressing the particular characteristics of their cancers, as well as their ability to detoxify and restore. This includes endocrine support, stimulation of the immune system to help it recognize cancer. We use three non toxic treatment modalities to destruct cancer inside the body, (hyperthermia,IPT-Ctx, ECT And PDT) that it can be recognized by the immune system. In summary, we look at different parameters in our patients, and try to improve those. The healthier the patient as carrier of the cancer is, the more difficult is it for the cancer to grow. With our integrative cancer therapy concept we not only attack the cancer, but support the host.

Chemosensitivity Testing for Truly Personalized Cancer Care

Dr. Robert K Clendenin


  1. Differences Between Available Cancer Sensitivity Tests
  2. How To Apply The Test Results
  3. How To Track The Patients Response To Therapy

There are various laboratories worldwide that offer DNA cancer testing to help increase the odds of the health care provider (MD, DO, ND, DC, NP, etc..) helping the cancer patient survive and have a better quality of life both during and after therapy.  My goal is to show you some of the various test used and generally compare each test.  I will show you how to use all the information to design a comprehensive Personalized Patient Centered Cancer Program.

What should a chemosensitivity test include to allow you to do develop a true personalized cancer program?

Understanding energy-flow disorders and their solutions: Important tools for any practice

Dr. Glenn King


  1. Introduction to TKM®
  2. Examples of recovery from hopeless suffering
  3. How you can help yourself
  4. How you can learn to help others 

Glenn King, director of King Institute in Carrollton, Texas will present conference attendees with TKM® (The King’s Method® - Mark 16:18 …lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover), a light-touch hands-on technique.  A basic understanding of the human body’s bio-electromagnetic energy system will be presented.  The attendees will receive an understanding of the various non-invasive applications within TKM® of this extraordinary system.  Attendees will learn how this hands-on therapy (TKM®) is applied for common, simple health issues as well as emergency medicine applications such as heart attacks, and chronic or even critical health disorders, including rare genetic conditions.  King’s personal story will bring understanding to his enthusiasm about TKM®; he recovered fully from chronic recurrent grand mal generalized seizures.  He will also give examples of recovery in his clients from severe reflex sympathetic dystrophy, breast and bone cancer,  very severe arteriosclerosis with gangrene, autism and other serious conditions.  He will present the reason why TKM® is a vital tool for any practice.

Insulin-Potentiated Low-Dose Chemotherapy & Other Cancer Therapies

Dr. Constantine A. Kotsanis


  1. Learn the principles of low-dose insulin-potentiated chemotherapy (IPT)
  2. Review some cases who received IPT
  3. Examine some other useful integrative cancer therapies    

Coming Soon...

How We Treat Chronic Illness

Dr. David Minkoff


  1. How to find out what is really wrong.
  2. How to prioritize the problems.
  3. Typical treatment approaches.

Chronic illness is abounding and many people do not know where to turn for answers. Many of the patients we see do not get adequate help and spend months or years on programs that do not work. We have a very successful approach that gets more than 90% of the people we see get better. This presentation will explore what we do and how we do it to get the best results.

Empowering Your Patient Through Recall Healing

Dr. Michelle Schrader


  1. Introduce Recall Healing
  2. Presenting related research
  3. Explanation of RH Tools for Practice

Recall Healing is a relatively new mind-body medicine modality that is beginning to demonstrate promise for enabling individuals an opportunity to become aware of unresolved emotional conflicts that may contribute to cancer.  Although there is no peer-reviewed literature specifically on Recall Healing, there is related evidence demonstrating promise for utilizing RH as an adjunctive therapy in helping individuals in their journey toward health and wellness. This presentation will introduce and explain Recall Healing, related research, and outline RH tools that support patients to potentially heal cancer.

Emerging Perspectives in State & Federal Regulatory Actions Related to Integrative Medicine

Dr. Jacques Simon


  1. Define Integrative Medicine & “Traditional” Medicine and describe risks & benefits of integrative medicine
  2. Describe what medical boards are & their state-by-state rules & reasons for discipline
  3. Discuss record-keeping, informed consent, patient relationships, chelation, Lyme treatment and Dos & Don’ts

Coming Soon...

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