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Excellent Fellowship Training.  Great information that we could implement immediately into the practice. Very excited and cannot wait for the level two training. 
Cristy Moya LVN

I truly enjoyed the Fellowship Training this past weekend. I met some wonderful doctors and learned new techniques that will benefit my patients. I also was impressed with the exhibitors and their technologies.  I would highly recommend this class to others. You may use my name with any Academy web sites or emails.

Allen Sprinkle, DDS


Thank you for all the effort that was made in providing the ACIM level one fellowship training this weekend. I found the presentations packed with valuable information, that I'll be able to implement in my practice immediately.The limited number of attendees actually facilitated a deeper level of learning for those who attended. I personally thought it was fantastic. I’m looking forward to being at the next fellowship training in April. Feel free to use me as a reference for anyone who might be interested in participating in this program. 
David J Foscue, MD

The ACIM Fellowship conference was excellent. The way the information is provided along with the organization of the hands-on presentations is unique to ACIM. All health care professionals that are practicing Integrative or Alternative Medicine should attend the ACIM Fellowship if they want exposure to cutting edge technology and new innovations. Based on previous experience with other organizations, the ACIM Fellowship training is very reasonably priced and the information provided was exceptional and far exceeded my expectations.
Thank you for your dedications to science and the healing arts. You may share this information with others as you see fit. I am looking forward to all your future conferences and new horizons in health care.
Constantine Kotsanis, MD


I thank you for the invitation to be a part of ACIM Fellowship, it is full of inspiration, education, wisdom, and knowledge. I know that God is part of this fellowship for it is an answer to prayers. The Fellowship is comprised of men and women who have a heart for people. They have the goodness to share what they know to expand healing throughout the world. They are not stingy with their knowledge.
Virginia Gonzales Callanan


The fellowship training is loaded with essential information that any Integrative health practitioner or aficionado will appreciate, for ourselves, families, friends, patients and/or clients. It brings a compilation of all the multifactorial etiological agents or circumstances, being physical, environmental, mental or emotional that could be present in any pathological condition.
In the current world we live in, it is not possible to fully address a pathology just looking at it from one angle, or applying just one therapeutic modality, we must look and cover all bases if we want to bring back a person to health. A true healer is one that constantly searches for the best therapeutic modality or modalities that best serves the sick. This fellowship guides us in this continuous search providing us tools and fundamental knowledge to help us improve our care.
I highly recommend ACIM's fellowship and should be mandatory for all medical, chiropractic, acupuncturist and naturopathic schools.
Robert Melo MD


We all attend seminars throughout the year and come away with information, but rarely do we attend a seminar that incorporates practical, hands-on training that we can take back to our clinics and apply immediately. The ACIM Fellowship Training accomplished this in a spectacular way. I would encourage practitioners wanting to learn new techniques for their clinic or wanting to interact with other professionals of like mind to participate in the ACIM Fellowship.
Frankly, I have never attended a seminar where the attendees stayed far past the official end of the seminar so they can continue to discuss what they learned. I personally spoke with many other attendees and we all agreed the format utilized in the ACIM Fellowship is unlike anything we ever experienced at other seminars. We are all looking forward to the next one.
The format of ACIM Fellowship Training is intended to be implemented into a practice immediately.  These trainings are not just theory, but practical, scientific based concepts with real world proof. I learned new techniques that will be immediately utilized. Many of these new ideas and concepts are invaluable for improved client outcomes and will also contribute to increased revenue for the clinic. It is a win for the clients/patients and a win for the clinic. We received ideas, web pages and information that will be going out over the next several months as newsletters to our clients.  As a result of the last series of communications we sent distributed, we increased our new client revenue 24% in a few months.
Immediately next week we will be referring two clients to one of the practitioners who spoke at the seminar.
Looking forward to the next one.

Michael J. Rankin, D.Psc., MA

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