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ACIM Fellowship Level 4 Content Menu

ACIM Fellowship Level 4

Lifestyle Choices in Integrative Care

ACIM Fellowship Level 4 is titled Lifestyle Choices in Integrative Care.  The focus in this level is on the choices that people make that affect their health and well-being.  The objective is to understand the needs of the body, mind and spirit and in understanding this, provide a compelling reason why these lifestyle choices play such an important role in health and wellness.  The established medical complex focuses on symptoms, symptom treatment and disease management primarily with pharmaceuticals while paying very little attention to the basic building blocks of life.  Integrative medicine seeks to address the body, mind and spirit of a person such that the person is able to guard against, protect, and when necessary, overcome disease.  We are created to heal continuously.  When we fail to do the things required by the body to protect itself, the body falls into dis-ease.  In this Level, we discuss how to get and keep the body at an optimal level of wellness through:

  • diet,

  • hydration,

  • supplements,

  • rest,

  • relaxation,

  • sleep,

  • exercise and

  • stress-reduction.

Each of these components plays a significant role in recovering from illness and/or maintaining wellness. This Level provides the healthcare practitioner with tools that assist and encourage the patient to make the best lifestyle choices for themselves that will often resolve many of their illnesses.
One of the core tenets of ACIM is to empower the individual.  Level 4 exemplifies this approach as the main objective is to bring to the practitioner key concepts and ideas about living a wellness lifestyle so that the practitioner can in turn then teach their patients/clients how to live in wellness.  As a result of using this approach, the patient/client is empowered to become actively engaged in their healing, often speeding their recovery. 
Level 4 topics include: How water, diet & food choices influence health

  • The basics of the most common healthy diets:  

    • Mediterranean/Rainbow Diet

    • Balanced Paleolithic Diet

    • Ketogenic Diet for Cancer & Diabetes Reversal

    • Chinese Five-Element-Balancing Diet

    • Ayurvedic Dosha-Balancing Diet

    • Macrobiotic diet

    • Vegan & Other Vegetarian Diets

    • Organic, sprouted, fermented food diet

    • Food-combining diet 

  • Nutrient loss from food with standard farming practices & food preparation

  • Molecular hydrogen as a supplement

  • Supplemental vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids & enzymes

  • Miscellaneous supplements: CoQ10, carnitine, D-ribose, etc.

  • Introduction to high-intensity interval training with & without oxygen

  • Super-slow exercise & exercise on a vibratory plate

  • Reducing sitting to enhance health

  • Introduction to Tai-Chi & Qi Gong

  • Brain Assist Devices

  • Healthy Sleep Habits & Sleep Apnea Testing

  • Nutrients For Sleep, Relaxation & Mood

"They don't ask you to be God but they ask for a path for healing and for hope. Help them find it."

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