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Monday, March 19, 2018

Fellowship Level 6 Topics & Speakers

ACIM Fellowship Level 6 Speakers & Topics

Acupuncture to Treat Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & Addictions

Dr. Anthony M. Giovanniello


  1. A brief introduction to acupuncture, its different forms and its historical roots as treatment for trauma, depression, anxiety and PTSD in ancient China.
  2. Acupuncture point protocols for emotional issues.
  3. A practical demonstration of acupuncture protocols used in the treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD and addictions.

Acupuncture is one of the more than 2,500 year old medical practices that forms the whole of the traditional Chinese medicine system. Inserting fine needles into defined points on the body has profound effect on the brain, internal organs, lymph and nervous systems.  In the last 30 years, acupuncture has been avidly studied in the U.S. by the NIH and other prestigious organizations with a majority of positive outcomes.  Known for effectively treating pain issues, it has also become increasingly popular as a modality for emotional distress like anxiety, depression, PTSD and addictions.  This presentation will discuss the roots of acupuncture in ancient China, the different styles that developed as it moved through Asia and its development as a medicine to treat emotional issues. There will be discussion of diagnostics techniques as it relates to mental health treatments and a demonstration of acupuncture protocols for common mental health issues.

Effective Clinical Application of Flower Essences in Psycho-Spiritual States

Dr. Mitchell A Fleisher


  1. Introduce clinicians to the science and practice of Flower Essence remedies
  2. Describe the major Flower Essence remedies in detail
  3. Inculcate the clinical application of Flower Essence remedies in practice

The purpose of the presentation is to introduce clinicians to the science and practice of Flower Essence remedies, to describe each of the major Flower Essence remedies in considerable, defining detail, and to inculcate the participating health care practitioners in the clinical application of Flower Essence remedies in everyday practice.

Healing with The Emotion Code and Body Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson


  1. Become familiar with The Emotion Code and Body Code approaches to healing
  2. Learn the basics of The Emotion Code and release a trapped emotion
  3. Learn the basics of The Body Code and get an answer from the subconscious mind

The Emotion Code:  A hidden, yet major underlying cause of all diseases consists of emotional energies that become trapped in the body during intense emotional events. In this module, you will learn The Emotion Code, a simple and profoundly powerful way easily and quickly identify and release these “trapped emotions,” Which are an underlying cause of most physical pain, depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, eating disorders, infertility caused asthma, digestive disorders and more. You will learn different methods of muscle testing, and in addition, you will learn how this simple method works with animals as well as humans, as well as how to identify and release emotional baggage that may have been inherited.

EVOX-Improve your Health, relationships and performance…

Dr. Jennifer Grammith


  1. EVOX/How Perception Reframing can improve your health.
  2. Integrating EVOX with Proteus/Recall Healing and Essential oils
  3. Case Studies
  4. Demos

There are many effective ways to heal the mind, body and spirit. Evox technology is one of the most cutting edge ways to achieve success on healing the mind and shifting old perceptions and patterns that may inhibit you from enjoying a happy fulfilled life. At Rightway Health and Wellness we use a combination of modalities and techniques to assist our clients in true emotional awareness and healing. I will share with you those techniques and tools so that you can take this information back to your practices and implement them. Evox technology will improve your health, relationships and performance.

Clavitherapy & Reflexology – The Dynamic Duo in Healing Unresolved Emotional Conflicts

Dr. Gabriella Piccirilli


  1. Introduction to Clavitherapy and Reflexology as it relates to unresolved emotional conflicts
  2. How a healer can address and heal their own emotional conflicts
  3. Learn to be aware of our state and present practical ways to change it in an instant 

Life is a masterpiece of perfectly timed “coincidences”.  We call that luck.  I am “lucky” to have the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and insight as it relates to unresolved emotional conflicts and healing our mind, body and spirit. How does Clavitherapy and Reflexology address this triad?  What is the limiting story or belief that is holding us back and making us sick in the process?  Clavitherapy has the ability to unlock our deepest emotions and inner conflicts and release them in order to live an incredibly happy, fulfilled and healthy life. 

Recall Healing as a Practice in Mindfulness

Dr. Michelle Schrader


  1. To deepen the understanding of Recall Healing Principles 
  2. To Introduce mindfulness, related evidence, as well as applicability with Recall Healing
  3. To allow participants an opportunity to experience using mindfulness for Recall Healing

Recall Healing enables individuals an opportunity to understand underlying root causes of illness.  RH provides one with practical ways of shifting perspectives.  Current findings suggest that utilizing mindfulness tools daily increases one’s overall health and wellness.  This presentation will review the principles of Recall Healing and illustrate how Recall healing is a practice in mindfulness. Participants will be led through an experience to deepen their own personal awareness of a current issue and how to move through that experience.

REMAP for Emotional Healing

Dr. W. Lee Cowden


  1. Understand the basis of Reed-Eye-Movement-Acupressure-Psychotherapy (REMAP)
  2. Demonstrate how REMAP is done on a volunteer
  3. Learn when to consider using REMAP as a therapeutic tool

REMAP (Reed-Eye-Movement-Acupressure-Psychotherapy) was developed by Steve Reed, LPC, a psychotherapist in Dallas, Texas.  REMAP is a synthesis of EMDR (Eye-Movement-Desensitization-Reprocessing) and an extended version of TFT (Thought-Field-Therapy).  REMAP is fairly helpful in reducing the effects on the body & the psyche of strong emotional traumas, especially fear, anger & grief.  Dr. Cowden will give a demonstration of the REMAP technique on a volunteer.  During the demonstration, he will explain the common responses that a REMAP practitioner might observe in a patient during a REMAP session & the likely meaning of each of those responses.

Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Blocks to Healing

Dr. W. Lee Cowden


  1. Discuss some of the most common mental, emotional & spiritual blocks to healing
  2. Demonstrate automated EDS & muscle testing methods to identify these blocks
  3. Describe some methods to resolve mental, emotional & spiritual blocks to healing

When most allopathic physicians see a patient with a physical symptom or physical condition, they usually try to deal with that condition using only physical remedies (surgery, drugs, physical therapy, etc.).  However, the primary root cause of a chronic physical condition is often an attitudinal, emotional or spiritual block to healing. These blocks to healing can be identified fairly reliably with muscle testing or electro-dermal screening.  Dr. Cowden will demonstrate these identification processes as well as methods of resolving these blocks to healing.

RESONANCE REPATTERNING® – the Key to Positive Change and Self-healing

Dr. Chloe Wordsworth


  1. To understand the three energy systems and how our unconscious beliefs and emotional reactions in response to early experiences impact our energy field; how the hologram reflects this energy imprint as our reality.
  2. To understand how we are able to identify and change our resonance with unconscious beliefs and disturbed emotional reactions that impact body-mind health, by accessing the energy field via the autonomic nervous system.
  3. To understand and use some of the six types of Energizing Options to change unconscious resonance patterns, which automatically creates improvements.

In this presentation, I will introduce myself, orient participants with Energizing Options & talk about the three energy systems in relation to emotions, mental attitudes & physical health.  I will discuss how all present problems & illnesses relate directly to the negative beliefs, disturbed emotions & endogenous biochemical mediators produced in response to earlier experiences. I will show how these negative responses create neural pathways that continue to be re-activated to the detriment of our health.  I will introduce the hologram, showing how our resonance manifests our reality, and the six-pointed star – the RR system for creating positive change.  The participants will experience this resonance shift in a workshop demonstration. I will illustrate how to identify exact unconscious beliefs and charged emotions involved in any problem and how to change these resonance patterns and non-coherent neural pathways by accessing the autonomic nervous system and synaptic responses through the RR system of Kinesiology. Also, I will show how to shift our resonance by using the seven categories of Energizing Options.

Effective Nutritional and Homeopathic Management of Acute Psychological States

Dr. Mitchell A Fleisher


  1. Brief overview of the fundamental homeopathic medical principles and practice
  2. Review of nutriceutical agents effective for management of acute psychological states
  3. Clinical applications of specific, homeopathic medicines and nutriceutical agents in acute psychological states

We will succinctly review the fundamental homeopathic medical principles and practice, the nutriceutical agents effective for management of acute psychological states, and the clinical applications of specific, homeopathic medicines and nutriceutical agents in acute psychological states.  Clinicians will gain a basic understanding and level of comfort with the effective nutritional and homeopathic management of acute psychological states.

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