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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fellowship Level 7 Topics & Speakers

ACIM Fellowship Level 7 Speakers & Topics

The Therapeutic Use of Optimal Stress to Provoke Recovery

The Therapeutic Use of Optimal Stress to Provoke Recovery

Martha Stark, MD

  1. Speak to the paradoxical impact of stress on the living system
  2. Explain the relationship between “challenge” and “defensive reaction” on the one hand and “support” and “adaptive response” on the other
  3. Elaborate upon several treatment options that “lighten the load” (to correct for toxicities) and “replenish the reserves” (to correct for deficiencies)   
Synopsis:  Long intrigued by the idea that superimposing an acute injury on top of a chronic one is often exactly what the body needs in order to heal, I have come to appreciate that, so too with respect to the mind, the therapeutic provision of “optimal stress” – against the backdrop of an empathically attuned and authentically engaged therapy relationship – is sometimes the magic ingredient needed to overcome the inherent resistance to change so frequently manifested by patients with longstanding emotional injuries and scars.  Behind this “no pain / no gain” approach is my firm belief in the underlying resilience that patients will inevitably discover within themselves once they are prompted to tap into their inborn ability to self-correct in the face of optimal stress – an innate capacity that will enable them ultimately to advance from cursing the darkness (a less-evolved defensive reaction) to lighting a candle (a more-evolved adaptive response).
  • 13 March 2017
  • Author: Lisa Wade
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