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A C A D E M Y  L E A D E R S H I P

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board and Academy Professor

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is one of the world’s pioneers in the practice and teaching of integrative medicine. He is a world renowned leader for his innovative thought and practice.  Formally trained in Germany and well-known for his successful treatment of chronic pain and chronic illness, his accomplishments include development of Autonomic Response Testing which has transformed many practices worldwide into healing centers. 

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is known for his successful treatment of chronic pain and illness. He studied medicine and psychology in Freiburg, West Germany. After graduating, he conducted three years of research on the dysfunction in autoimmune disorders at the Albert-Ludwig University in Freiburg. 

Dr. Klinghardt has been synthesizing traditional and alternative medicine for more than 32 years. He developed Autonomic Response Testing, a comprehensive diagnostic system which has helped to transform many practices in the U.S. and abroad into healing centers and helped many practitioners to become accomplished healers. 

Dr. Klinghardt studied medicine (1969-1975) and psychology (1975-1979) in Freiburg, Germany, completing his PhD on the involvement of the autonomic nervous system in autoimmune disorders. Several publications followed. Early in his career, he became interested in the sequelae of chronic toxicity (especially lead, mercury, environmental pollutants and electromagnetic fields) for the course of illness. While working in India as a junior physician, he encountered Eastern concepts of disease etiology and blended them with his Western training. This laid the foundation for his 5-level system of Integrative Medicine.

After immigrating to the USA, he spent three years as a full-time emergency physician before becoming Medical Director of the Santa Fe Pain Centre. Increasingly aware of the limitations of conventional medicine when dealing with chronic conditions, he trained in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and began to include body-oriented psychotherapeutic and counselling approaches in his work, along with neural therapy, mesotherapy injection techniques and applied psychoneurobiology (psychokinesiology and mental field therapy).

Since the 1970s, Dr. Klinghardt has contributed significantly to the understanding of metal toxicity and its connection with chronic infections, illness and pain. He is considered an authority on this subject and has been instrumental in advancing various fields within biological medicine -  non-invasive pain management, injection techniques for pain and orthopaedic dysfunction, anti-aging medicine, toxicology, pediatrics (neuro-developmental disorders), energy psychology, biological dentistry, and others.

Dr Klinghardt has lectured at the universities of Illinois, Utah, Freiburg, Adelaide, Capital University (Washington DC) and others, and the medical schools of Geneva and Zurich. Between 1996-2005 he was Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Neurobiology at Capital University.

His teaching and philosophy include recent insights into the influence of the family system on one’s health through working with family systems oriented healing approaches developed by psychoanalyst, Bert Hellinger.

Due to his innovative contributions to Neural Therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology he is regularly invited to teach workshops at the prestigious "Medicine Week" in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Dr. Klinghardt is the author of a groundbreaking German book on biofeedback guided psychotherapy: “Psychokinesiology – A New Approach in Psychosomatic Medicine”

He currently resides in Bellevue, WA where he treats patients and teaches workshops on his healing methods.   He currently offers workshops in the United States and Europe.

In recognition of his work, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt received the Physician of the Year award from the Global Foundation of Integrative Medicine in May 2007.

Board Certifications:

  • Facharzt fuer Allgemeinmedizin
  • American Board of Pain Management
  • American Board of Pain Management Specialties
  • American Board of Orthopedic and Neurological Medicine
  • American Board of Neural Therapy
  • PhD Thesis on the involvement of the autoimmune and collagen in vascular diseases
  • Clinical research on the effects of heavy metal toxicity on the brain
  • The 5 Levels of Healing: A Philosophical model and vision in healthcare

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