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A C A D E M Y  L E A D E R S H I P

Hugh Thomson, DMD - Canada

      Kamloops Time

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board and Academy Professor

Dr. Hugh Thomson is in private practice.   
• Graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada Faculty of Dentistry in 1975.
• Lives and works in South Central British Columbia in the City of Kamloops maintaining his dental private practice for the past 30 years.
• Dr. Thomson practices a Biological Approach to General Dentistry, with special interests in orthodontics, oral orthopedics, treatment of T.M.J. dysfunction, and in particular, Dentistry’s impact and influence on Human Health.
• Currently studying Medical Acupuncture, under the direction of Steven K.H. Aung, M.D., O.M.D. at the University of Alberta, Canada.
• Dr. Thomson’s work has been significantly influenced by the following individuals: Janet Travell, M.D. ; Merle Loudon, D.D.S.; Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., P.h.D; W. Lee Cowden, M.D., M.D.(H); and Steven Aung, M.D., O.M.D.
A member of the British Columbia and Canadian Dental Associations, International Association
of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, and the Academy.

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