Neuroregeneration Webinar Series

If you’ve got an hour (or less!), the following free webinars will provide you knowledge from innovative practitioners as they share practical insights into growing and practicing new techniques.


Reversing Neurological Diseases

Dr. W. Lee Cowden

Dr. Cowden will show you many of the exciting integrative tools that are now available for assisting in the reversal of damaged or degenerated brain & spine.


Dental Heavy Metals That Poison the Body & Brain

Dr. Blanche D Grube, DMD, IMD

Dr. Grube explains how dental heavy metals injure the body & the brain and helps us understand the right ways & wrong ways to remove heavy metals from teeth.


Treatment & Prevention of Diabetic Neuropathy

C. Norm Shealy MD PhD

Dr. Shealy describes how he does PEMF therapy and various other natural therapies he uses for patients with diabetic neuropathy and pre-diabetes (syndrome-X).


Resonant Energy Transfer for Pain Control & Sleep

Steve Haltiwanger MD

Dr. Haltiwanger explains how transdermal patches work and how to determine where to apply such patches on a patient’s body to get the desired effect.


Retroviral Infections as Causes of Chronic Diseases

Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

Dr. Klinghardt discusses various chronic diseases that are likely caused by activated retro-viruses and what treatments can be done to help such people.


The Gut, the Brain and the Kidney Continuum pt. 1

Zach Bush MD

Zach Bush stresses the importance of gut microbiota to human health and unexpected connections between the gut, kidneys and endocrine systems.


Heart and Soul - A Cardiologist’s Perspective on NDE

Stephen Sinatra MD

Stephen Sintra MD will share what he's learned from writing, researching, and reliving the experiences of patients who returned from death with new outlooks in life.


Integrated Approach to Neurological Disease

Thomas Santucci, DC, CNS, AFNI

Thomas Santucci guides us through the clinical side of resolving neurodegenerative conditions using Post Concussive Syndrome and Alzheimer’s.