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Track 1 + Track 3 or 4

Track 1 + Track 3 or 4 Track 1 - Integrative Cardiovascular Care (2 November 2017)
In this track, attendees will learn, among other things, how to effectively treat congestive heart failure and other cardiac diseases without drugs or heart surgery. Attendees will learn about high-vibrational medicine, bio-identical redox signaling therapy, external counter-pulsation, exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) as well as what has been learned from chelation therapy research.

Track 3 - Integrative Cancer Care (3-4 November 2017)
In this track, attendees will learn how to use integrative cancer therapies as an adjunct to allopathic surgery, radiation & chemotherapy for better patient outcome, how to improve quality of life (and often-times the length of life as well) in patients who are “sent home to die” by their oncologists. Attendees will learn how to prevent cancer and find cancer early when it is easier to treat. Attendees will also learn about healing with voltage, computerized thermometry, the role of biological dentistry, ketogenic diet & umbilical cord stem cells in integrative cancer care and how to quickly resolve subconscious emotions that cause cancer (so that the cancer can quickly resolve).

Track 4 - Integrative Neuro Disease Care (3-4 November 2017)
In this track, attendees will learn the various causes of neurodegenerative diseases & will learn how to help their patients avoid & reverse those causes. They will learn specialized integrative medicine techniques that help rapidly reverse macular degeneration, seizures, autism, traumatic brain injury, dementias and other neuro-degenerative conditions. Attendees will learn about micro-current & other pulsed electromagnetic therapies for neuro treatment, about how the microbiome impacts brain health & how to use NADH, oxaloacetate, HCG, oxytocin & other nutrient to improve neurological health. They will also learn how to predict with an eye exam who will develop dementia & how to identify “soft brain lesions” from physical exam.
USD $699.00
Package Deal: Track 1 + Track 3
Track 3 - Integrative Cancer Care USD $699.00
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