Laser Energetic Detox guided by Autonomic Response Testing - Doug Phillips, DDS

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Presentation Synopsis
Muscle-testing has been thoroughly researched and published as a reliable & valid method to assess a patient. This presenter and others have found that one form of muscle-testing, Autonomic Response Testing (ART), can be effectively used to assess for specific toxins in a patient’s body, as well as the flower remedies, heavy metal binders and drainage remedies helpful for that patient’s health. Laser Energetic Detox (LED) involves passing laser light through a vial of homeopathic toxins (determined by ART) in order to rapidly remove those toxins from the body (a hormesis effect which improves a patient’s health). Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD has published more than 150 articles, many of which help to explain why a technique like LED would be expected to facilitate healing. A practical hands-on workshop will be taught on how to identify specific toxins in a patient’s body by ART and how to remove those toxins from the patient’s body using LED.

Presentation Objectives
  1. To teach some basic principles of Autonomic Response Testing
  2. To teach how Autonomic Response Testing can be used to guide a Laser Energetic Detox treatment
  3. To demonstrate and teach how to reduce specific toxins in the body in 25 hours using Laser Energetic Detox


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