Laser Detox Muscle-test kit

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Offered separately for $400 early-bird price (or $450 after August 12th); the muscle-testing kit has 100 vials necessary to do NEW Laser Detox and the kit will be hand-delivered at the workshop to attendees who have purchased them separately for the early-bird price (or will be shipped UPS ground to attendees if ordered after August 12).

The OLD Laser Detox required testing with a Zyto Elite (almost $15,000 new) which also had loaded into it $900 worth of Dr. Cowden’s Biosurveys & the 17,000 additional testing items which Dr. Cowden linked into the Zyto software. The NEW Laser Detox requires MUCH less equipment (a portable infrared sauna for about $200 and a RemedyMaker for about $650 and the 100-vial muscle-testing kit for $400). Practitioners who do Laser Detox are continually amazed how much improvement their clients get from this one procedure because Laser Detox removes most toxins from the body at least 20 times faster than the next-fastest detoxification technique! 

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