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ACIM Fellowship
Tools to Enhance Your Practice

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Medicine Today
ACIM Approach
ACIM Fellowship Description & Design
The Fellowship is Designed For

Fellowship Levels
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ACIM Fellowship

ACIM announces the creation of the ACIM Fellowship, a unique approach to the world of medicine, healing, and wellness.  What makes this teaching unique is that the fundamental focus is on the individual client/patient.  The underlying intent of each level is how can the individual be empowered in their own healing.  Each level is designed to give the practitioner the ability to immediately implement what they have learned into their practice and ultimately into empowering the client/patient.  This encourages and allows each person seeking healthcare to make the best healthcare choices for themselves.  An involved client/patient is a person on their way to healing.  Active patients tend to heal faster and more completely than passive patients.  Each level is designed to increase your opportunity to engage a client/patient in their own healing and to Enhance Your Practice Success by gaining more effective Tools.

Medicine Today

Medicine is most often used to mean healthcare systems.  For example, allopathic medicine or western medicine is seen as using various methods including lab tests, devices, and other technologies to determine a diagnosis.  These diagnoses are associated with Medicare/Medicaid/insurance coding in an attempt to qualify and quantify a uniform method of describing a disease condition based on the patient’s symptoms and various tests.  The structure for this type of medicine is seen as top down, meaning that diagnosis and treatment are to a large extent predetermined by the established medical complex.  Money, risk management, and establishment preservation are defining characteristics.

Alternative medicine is then defined as medicine outside mainstream western medicine.  The use of terms like alternative and mainstream do not do anything to promote the general wellbeing of an individual.  They do however allow the proponents of both to stake out ground to promote their particular method of practice.

Oriental medicine is medicine that is practiced according to the ancient methods that have been used for a few thousand years.  Ayurvedic is an ancient medicine based on Hindu tradition and found primarily in India.  Homeopathy, or homeopathic medicine, is a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself.  German New Medicine is based on the premise that traumatic events create deeply held beliefs and vows that are then manifested in physical disease.

Each of these “types” of medicine has benefits and limitations.  Unfortunately proponents of each “type” tend to establish deeply committed beliefs that their type of medicine is the best. 

ACIM Approach

We have a different approach at ACIM.  We believe that the individual should be intimately involved in their own health and the only type of medicine that matters is the medicine that ultimately gives the individual the best opportunity to gain optimal health.  We believe that this requires a “whole person” approach.  Every component of a person’s life matters.  This includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components.  We also believe that environment, family, relationships, spiritual beliefs, finances, and other components are vitally important to optimal health.

This is the basis from which we have created the ACIM Fellowship.  Every component mentioned above is important for a person’s heath.  Therefore we believe that it is important to provide the broadest base of education which includes all these aspects of optimal health in conjunction with the depth of success in diagnosis and treatment from the real world.  We also believe that proper research is important. 

Most education in integrative medicine is from the perspective of mainstream medicine and is designed for the MD or DO.  This education is an adjunct to the teaching of mainstream medicine.  While this education at least opens the door to new ways of practicing medicine, it is also confining in that it doesn’t allow for the interaction of differing disciplines.  ACIM believes that it is important and very valuable to break down preconceived barriers that block even the consideration of differing viewpoints from those of the established medical complex.  Medical knowledge grows at a rapid pace.  It is the vision of ACIM to provide the latest, most successful opportunities for optimal health to each and every person. 

We believe that medicine should be simply providing the best methods available to give the person the best opportunity to have optimal health without regard to the source or the method.  We also believe that each person contributes the most to their diagnosis and treatment while recognizing that the support of family and friends is vital to optimal health.  We therefore do not promote a particular type of medicine but rather incorporate the best of medicine into knowledge, modalities, and methods that are best suited to each individual person. 


ACIM Fellowship Description & Design

The Core Fellowship consists of 10 levels of approximately 30 hours each. Elective subspecialties are presently being designed. Each level has didactic and practical components.  Each level will have a final exam (optional extra cost, see below) for the level and those that pass the exam will receive a certificate (optional extra cost, see below) of diplomat for that level.  Those that don't wish to take the exam receive a certificate (optional extra cost, see below) of wellness administration. The levels are designed to have an immediate impact on the practitioner's practice with the teaching designed to be implemented to the benefit of the patient.  Each level also has a collection of tools which support the teaching in each level.  These recommended tools include devices, services, equipment, supplements, and other items. 

All ten levels of the Fellowship are important as they build upon each other.  By necessity, since our Fellowship is not an adjunct to any other type of medicine, we begin in Level 1 with the basics of Integrative Medicine.  Those who have had no background in Integrative Medicine will find this Level particularly helpful in there understanding of Integrative Medicine.  Those that have been practicing Integrative Medicine for years will have an interest in seeing how the different disciplines interact with each other.  We build on a broad foundation in Level 1 for we know that medical knowledge is ever changing.  Getting the basics set in place and then building upon them is crucial to the success of this Fellowship whether you are brand new to Integrative Medicine or have been practicing it for many years.  The basics are built around:
  • learning to listen to the patient,
  • tests & interpretation,
  • the interaction of the mind, body, emotions, & spirit,
  • food,
  • water,
  • supplements,
  • toxins & their removal,
  • parasites & their elimination,
  • the power of the mind and spirit,
  • photon therapy,
  • electrodermal screening,
  • homeopathy,
  • and more. 
We have compiled the last 30 years of Integrative Medicine into this first level.  It is a broad brush look at these important elements.  Most of these foundational components have remained more or less stable over the last 30 years or much longer as much of the training comes from long established methods.  The remaining nine levels will build upon and refer to the foundational items taught in this first level. 

The ACIM Fellowship is Designed For:

  • For doctors of all disciplines who want to broaden their approach of treatment and diagnosis.
  • Anyone who provides wellness/healthcare services for the benefit of another person.
  • For health professionals
    • who treat  the newly born to the geriatric and all ages in-between.
    • who work with very ill people or those seeking to maintain and increase their personal and client wellness level.
    • who seek to provide answers for clients/patients who have exhausted Conventional Medicine methods and remedies.
    • who believe that a person's body is sacred to that person and that they have the right to decide their individual course of treatment.
    • who want to understand other healthcare disciplines, diagnosis methods and treatment methods.
  • For all health professionals including PhDs, DOs, DCs, NDs, MDs, RNs, DOMs, PAs, LMTs, LAcs, and all other licensed health professionals.
  • For those that have an intense desire and interest in learning about the body, mind, and spirit.
  • For those who want to help themselves either overcome an illness or who seek a greater level of wellness.
If you help people who have chronic diseases like Lyme disease, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Autism, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Heart disease and others, you will find great benefits in the ACIM Fellowship.  In the Fellowship the focus is on the Whole person and the Fellowship starts with things that are common to most diseases and builds upon this foundation.  We are looking for those who want to fully touch the life of those who come to them with belief and trust, those who are seeking a total healing.  ,


Each level will have a select "toolkit".  Toolkits are things in the marketplace that make what you have learned in that level possible to implement.   An example toolkit is:
  1. Specific lab tests that many practitioners are not using (but should)
  2. Certain evaluative devices that many practitioners are not using (but should)
  3. Certain treatment devices that many practitioners are not using (but should)
  4. Certain supplemental nutrients and natural consumable products that many practitioners are not using (but should)
  5. Teachings about why & how to use the lab tests, the evaluative & treatment devices and the consumable products in that Toolkit
  6. General teachings about integrative medicine, especially that relate to achieving better treatment successes  


Fellowship Levels

Level Theme
1 Foundations To Build Upon
2 Evaluating & Addressing the Roots of Chronic Disease
3 Integrative Evaluation & Intervention Basics
4 Lifestyle Choices in Integrative Care
5 Intermediate Integrative Evaluation & Intervention  
6 Healing For The Mind, Emotions and Spirit
7 Healing the Environment To Heal the Body
8 Focus on NeuroRegeneration
9 Integrative Care: Synthesis Basics
10 Integrative Care: Advanced Synthesis


  We are in the process of designing subspecialties for those who wish to learn a specific method of diagnosis and treatment.  Currently we are looking for ideas and sponsors who would help in the design and implementation of one or more of these subspecialties.  We will be posting new information here.

Do It Your Way - Live Seminars or Online Seminars or a Combination of Both

Live Seminars

The live seminars for each level will be taught over 2 weekends (Friday & Saturday) approximately 6 weeks apart.  For example, Level 1 will be taught on January 30th & 31st and March 13th & 14th in Dallas/Ft Worth.  All teaching will be videoed and offered on within 2 weeks of videoing for all attendees to the live seminar as well as anyone wishing to participate in the Fellowship online.

Online Seminars

All live seminars are videoed and archived on the ACIM Connect website (  You may elect to only participate in the Fellowship online or you may wish to have a combination of live seminar attendance and online participation. 


Integrative practitioners often do not accept insurance.  We applaud those that don't and understand those that do.  The business of integrative medicine can be a challenge for practitioner and patient alike.  Many of the procedures don't qualify for insurance.  Practitioners often don't want the added presence of the government or insurance company in their office dictating how to treat their patients.  We have therefore endeavored to keep the cost as low as we possibly can while still providing the absolute best in training.  In some cases our Fellowship is less than 1/3 of others and yet provides, we believe, a finer curriculum, one dedicated to both the patient and the practitioner.  The levels are designed so that implementation of the learned material can be accomplished immediately in the practitioner's office upon completion of each level.  The return on investment then starts immediately as well.  Each level, properly implemented, can assist the practitioner in increasing their effective revenue.  In addition to offering a very reasonable price, we also offer a payment plan and further discounts of up to 25% for our members and an ongoing mentoring program to more insure the practitioners success.

Each Level Cost:

  • Level Cost    -   $900 (Premier Members receive a 20% discount, Charter Members receive a 25% discount)
  • Exam Cost:                                                                -   $150 (optional)
  • Gold Seal Certificate Cost:                                      -    $ 50


  • Live Seminars
  • All archived videos from all sessions of the live seminar for future use and reference
  • Practical Workshops included with the live seminars

Live Fellowship Dates by Level:
The live Fellowship events are scheduled approximately 6 weeks apart except when we have a live conference.  All live events will be held in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.  The expected conclusion of the live events is late September 2017.

Level # Live Dates Theme More Info
ACIM Fellowship Levels Live Event Schedule - NOTE: Each Level will be available online 30 days after live event
1 Jan 29 & 30, 2015
Mar 14 & 14, 2015
Foundations to Build Upon Level 1 Info
2 Apr.24-25, 2015 
June 12-13, 2015
Evaluating & Addressing the Roots of Chronic Disease Level 2 Info
3 Sep.11-12, 2015
Dec.4-5, 2015 
Integrative Evaluation & Intervention Basics
Level 3 Info
4 Jan 29-30, 2016
Mar 4-5,2016
Lifestyle Choices in Integrative Care Level 4 Info
5 Apr 15-16, 2016
Jun 3-4, 2016
Intermediate Integrative Evaluation & Intervention  Level 5 Info
6 Jul 22-23, 2016
Oct 21-22, 2016
Healing For The Mind, Emotions and Spirit Level 6 Info
7 Jan 12-15, 2017 Healing the Environment To Heal the Body coming...
8 Mar 16-19, 2017 Advanced Integrative Evaluation & Intervention coming...
9 May 18-21, 2017 Integrative Care: Synthesis Basics coming...
10 Jul 20-23, 2017 Integrative Care: Advanced Synthesis coming...


Fellowship Sponsors

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