Dallas 2nd Muscle-Testing Hands-on Workshop

  • Nov 10-11, 2023
  • Progressive Labs Building (Back Entrance)
  • 3131 Story Road West
  • Irving, Texas 75038 (Dallas area near DFW Airport)

Before I started teaching myself muscle-testing in 1990, I could predict which tests would come back abnormal from the lab on my patients 15% of the time, but after practicing muscle-testing daily for a year, I could predict which tests were going to come back abnormal from the lab 85% of the time. I increased my diagnostic acumen almost 6-fold in one year. I then realized that a year earlier I had been figuratively “flying blind.” My desire is to teach as many practitioners muscle testing as I can and to encourage each one of them to teach their office staff and then their patients and their patients’ families. I believe we are entering into perilous times, and we need to have low-tech tools that can help us to gain and maintain health. Lee Cowden MD

Workshop Topics

  1. Exposure to several types of muscle-testing with focus on developing some proficiency with at least one type
    2. Learning surrogate-testing and why to use it; also learn 3 Emergency TKM techniques
    3. Learning causes of blocked regulation/reversed polarity & how to correct each to avoid erroneous results; also learn 2-point testing & muscle-test to screen for basic emotions
    4. Learning other causes of erroneous muscle-testing results (switching, tester-bias and fractured personality) and how to correct; also, effectiveness & tolerance amplification
    5. Muscle-testing for geopathic fields and testing for electromagnetic fields & correcting
    6. Muscle-testing Chakra spin direction, mental blocks to healing, emotion-organ relations
    7. Muscle-testing 46 Voll Control-Measurement-Points & how to correct + 3 more TKMs
    8. Treating Long-COVID, Shedding & COVID jabs guided by muscle-testing
    9. Identifying Percent of each of the Causes of Disease; learn 2 more Emergency TKMs
    10. Learning how to muscle-test for chronic Traumatic-Brain-Injury & how to correct
    11. Muscle-testing for “jammed skull” and how to “unjam” the skull manually
    12. Muscle-testing joint misalignments & teaching clients how to self-adjust their joints
    13. Learning NEW Laser Energetic Detox method that requires no electrodermal screening
    14. A brief intro to ozone therapies (as time permits)

Teachers & hands-on hand-holders

  • Lee Cowden MD,
  • Jennifer Gramith ND,
  • Rhett Bergeron MD,
  • Jerry Weber ND,
  • Cliff Fetters MD,
  • Tammy Hughes CHHP, CLT
  • Matt Brock MD

Workshop Tuition

$450 early-bird price or $525 after Oct.2, 2023 (which also includes lunch both days, a syllabus, a copper coil to test chakra spin direction, a laser-pointer with vial-holder for doing Laser Detox, a digital download of the workshop videorecording, $100 value of 3 NutraMedix products plus a 47-item muscle-testing kit containing all the NutraMedix products)

Laser Detox Muscle-test kit

Offered separately for $350 early-bird price (or $400 after Oct.2), the muscle-testing kit has 100 vials necessary to do NEW Laser Detox; kit will be hand-delivered at the workshop to attendees who have purchased them separately for the early-bird price)

Recommended hotel

  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • 7516 Las Colinas Blvd
  • Irving, Tx 75063
  • 972-444-8434
  • Click here for reduced room price for $129 /night until Oct 2, 2023 (complimentary breakfast, parking & WiFi).

Local transportation

There is no shuttle from the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel to the Progressive Labs building where the Workshop will be held and car rental at DFW Airport can be expensive, so you may want to arrange rides in advance with someone else who is also attending the Workshop and who has a car. Alternatively, you can get rides from a taxi cab, Uber, Lyft or friends who live in the Dallas area. Call or text Ann Sconyers at 214-497-8333 if you are going to have a car there and are willing to take a few passengers to & from the Workshop each day OR if you are looking to find such a ride.

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