ACIM Fellowship

Level 3: Integrative Evaluation and Intervention Basics


Level 3 examines methods directed at the patient rather than at the disease. Studies show that a patient actively engaged in their healing often heals faster and more assuredly than a passive patient. A good and trusting relationship between the practitioner and the patient is vital to the patient’s wellbeing. Level 3 discusses these important subjects from a number of differing vantage points.


  • The art of history-taking & active listening
  • The functional pediatrics’ view
  • Hormonal perspective
  • Endocrine gland regeneration
  • Mental-emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health
  • Relationship boundaries
  • True preventative medicine
  • Methods to increase practice revenues as part of delivering superb patient care

Speakers and Topics

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What's Included?

  • All archives videos from all sessions of the live seminar for future use and reference
  • Practical Workshops
  • Opportunity to sit for Level Exam