ACIM Fellowship

Level 5: Intermediate Integrative and Evaluation


In Level 5 we delve deeper into many of the fairly advanced methods of physical examination. The list of evaluations is truly integrative in that it has a mix of different disciplines and tools. This level also explores with more depth some simple but powerful means of successful interention.


  • Osteopathic Evaluation
  • Cranio-sacral for client evaluation
  • Intro to Electrocardiogram
  • Heat depuration
  • 24+ hour monitoring of EKG, oxygen sat, resp.rate & depth,temp, etc.
  • Finger oximetry & Angioscan
  • Quantitative EEG mapping
  • Gall bladder/biliary flush
  • Thermography (Alfa-CRT / IR-imaging)
  • Oligoscan vs SenseAble taste testing for minerals
  • Modified Juice-fast with oral clay, mucolytic herbs & fiber
  • Advanced colonic hydrotherapy with pressurized machine

Speakers and Topics

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What's Included?

  • All archives videos from all sessions of the live seminar for future use and reference
  • Practical Workshops
  • Opportunity to sit for Level Exam