Integrative Medicine & Muscle Testing Workshop


Before I started teaching myself muscle-testing in 1990, I could predict which tests would come back abnormal from the lab on my patients 15% of the time, but after practicing muscle-testing daily for a year, I could predict which tests were going to come back abnormal from the lab 85% of the time.  I increased my diagnostic acumen almost 6-fold in one year.  My desire is to teach muscle testing to as many existing practitioners and aspiring practitioners as I can and to encourage each one of them to teach muscle-testing to their families and friends, to their office staff and then their clients and also their clients’ families. I believe we are entering into perilous times and we need to have low-tech tools that can help us to attain and maintain optimum health.  Lee Cowden MD

When: Sep 20 - 21, 2024
Where: South Los Angeles, North Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Tampa Bay area, Atlanta area, Phoenix area, San Angelo, Dallas area. 

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Be a Part of the Changing World

We do not say that lightly. This year, at our Annual Conference in Orlando, we unveiled the details on an International Research project that will help millions around the world.

  1. ACIM will actively help bring new patients to your practice for treatments such as Stem Cells and Exosomes
  2. We estimate thousands of doctors participating in therapies and documenting progress, while sharing all the information to effect change in our society.
  3. Get access to some of the top clinicians in the world to help you and your clinic serve at the highest level


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