Favorite Integrative Tools Conference

November 14-16, 2019 Orlando, Florida

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ACIM's hands-on live workshops, webinars, conferences and online teaching represent tools that practitioners can use to improve their success in helping their complicated, chronically-ill patients.

April 12-20, 2019

7 Day Rapid Detox Retreat

Prescott, Arizona

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April 27, 2019

What Is Recall Healing & How Can It Improve Your Life? (Webinar)

Michelle LaMasa-Schrader PhD

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May 18, 2019

Properly Handling Mold Issues In Your Home (Webinar)

Wendy Michaelis, MAC

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May 30 - June, 1 2019

Heal The Healers & Cell-Therapy Workshop

Progressive Labs, Irving, TX

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A multi-tiered and multi-dimensional program that provides students with basic core knowledge about the body, mind and emotions.

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JCIM is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to exploring the multifaceted and multi-disciplined world of medicine.

ACIM Integrative Fellowship Certifications

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Whether you're a Health Professional Member, Premier Member, or a health practitioner unfamiliar with integrative medicine principals, the content below is free for your consumption. Feel free to watch insightful webinars or read exclusive interviews from some of the top practitioners in modern integrative medicine.

Neuroregeneration Webinar Series

If you’ve got an hour (or less!), the following free webinars will provide you knowledge from innovative practitioners as they share practical insights into growing and practicing new techniques.

ACIM Health Practitioner Interview Series

Exclusive interviews from ACIM with some of the top practitioners in the integrative health industry.

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