ACIM Research Project



This year, at ACIM’s International Conference, we will roll out our Neurological Disease Research initiative aimed at conducting research into leading integrative therapies. Our premier members are an accomplished group and they have varied insights and interests that they are pursuing with this research project. For example, some will be focusing on the effect of PEMF on mitochondrial function while others are focused on Heart-Rate-Variability, osteopathy, bio-photonic therapy or even therapy with exosomes and/or stem cells.

Why does this mean so much to us?

We care about people and with neurological diseases on the rise, more and more patients are suffering. They are struggling with symptoms, begging for answers and getting nowhere. Through research, we promote optimization of health care delivery to the individual patient which is a benefit to both the patient and the doctor and we promote cutting-edge methods creating a pro-active medical network.

The aim:

To discover and promote new ways to improve healthcare delivery around the world using open-ended, best-practice clinical research models. Practitioners will do whatever therapies and evaluation they believe are most appropriate for the patient; we only request that the practitioner keep detailed records and write cases for publication. ACIM will assist practitioners with initial publication write-ups.

How to join the Research Project

If you are already an ACIM premier member (or you are willing to become one), then we want you to share in our excitement and join us in this endeavor. Participating will not be difficult or time-consuming. Simply put, here are the steps:

  1. Let us know that you want to be involved and become an ACIM Premier Member
  2. Starting with one patient at a time, collect data and create publishable case studies. ACIM has made it VERY easy for the patients themselves to collect most of the subjective and objective data that will be necessary, using a Brain Gauge testing device in your office.
  3. Publish your case studies in the Proceedings of ACIM (a peer-reviewed online journal)

Your patients will benefit from your participation as they will have a team of world-renowned physicians watching their progress and weighing in on the treatment recommendations. This effort and input will be priceless. Suggestions on changes in the treatments can be implemented by the treating physician and their patients whenever they desire, often likely improving treatment outcome as the research project progresses. Come to the Orlando conference November 14-16 so that you can talk to the research team, have the Brain Gauge testing done on yourself and learn how simple it will be for you to become a first-class clinical researcher. As a result of participating in this research project, you will be attracting new patients into your practice and garnering more respect from your medical colleagues as you become a peer-reviewed medical author. Register Now to this year’s International ACIM Conference and be a part of changing the world’s health!