Core Wellness Coach Training


Health and wellness care is changing in the United States and across the world. It is becoming more and more institutionalized with greater dependance on the government and corporate entities. Lost in this new order is the person. Since healthcare is now "delivered" to the person, every element of this system can be dictated to the person. When each individual paid the provider practitioner directly, the person has greater rights to demand the services that they needed. Today, the individual possesses no such rights.

Recognizing the growing discomfort and rising anger amongst segments of the populace, ACIM intorudces the Wellness Coach Program in an effort to fill the gap left for many who are unsatisfied with the current direction of healthcare and/or who have a sincere desire to learn more about the body, mind and spirit so that they can better guide their friends and family toward true wellness as we once knew.

The Wellness Coach Program is conceptually different than other "coaching" programs. First, it is the outgrowth of the ACIM Fellowship. Secondly, it is a multi-tiered and multi-dimensional program. This means the first level of the Wellness Coach Program provides the sutdent with basic core knowledge about the body, mind and emotions.

The ACIM Core Wellness Coach Training is foundational for all Wellness Coach Certifications. It gives the student a broad based look at integrative wellness care. It is a required certification from which all specialty Wellness Coach Certifications are built. The core components of the Core Wellness Coach Training are as follows:

  • Life-Style Dietary Concerns
  • Life-Style Nutrient Supplementation
  • Life-Style Exercise, Breathing, Stretching & Nature
  • Life-Style Sleeping, Relaxation, Environmental Remediation & Detox
  • Life-Style Evaluative Procedures
  • Life Emotions & Spirit 

Speakers and Topics

What's Included:

  • All archived videos for future use and reference (all training is archived online)
  • Exam
  • PDF Certificate issued after successful completion of the exam.
  • Approximately 70 hours of training material
PLEASE NOTE: The wellness coach certifications (Core & Comprehensive) are designed for those individuals working closely with or for an active licensed health professional with a doctorate degree. If you are not currently working closely with or forone, please find in your geographic region an active licensed practitioner with a doctorate degree (MD, DO, DC or an ND in states which license NDs) who is open minded & with whom you think you could work. Ask the practitioner to "sponsor" you for the ACIM training (they only need to communicate once with an ACIM representative). If you are not working with an active licensed health professional, you can take the wellness coach course-work for the purpose of gaining knowledge (as an audit), but you will not receive a wellness coach certification. If you have questions about the certification, please email [email protected].
If you need a licensed practitioner sponsor, please have your sponsor complete the Sponsor Statement Form and return to [email protected].