Integrative Medicine & Muscle Testing Workshop

Sept.20-21, 2024


Before I started teaching myself muscle-testing in 1990, I could predict which tests would come back abnormal from the lab on my patients 15% of the time, but after practicing muscle-testing daily for a year, I could predict which tests were going to come back abnormal from the lab 85% of the time.  I increased my diagnostic acumen almost 6-fold in one year.  My desire is to teach muscle testing to as many existing practitioners and aspiring practitioners as I can and to encourage each one of them to teach muscle-testing to their families and friends, to their office staff and then their clients and also their clients’ families. I believe we are entering into perilous times and we need to have low-tech tools that can help us to attain and maintain optimum health.  Lee Cowden MD


Workshop Topics

  1. Exposure to several types of muscle-testing with focus on developing some proficiency with at least one type, especially a one-handed muscle-testing technique (O-Ring-Belt-Loop test)
  2. Learn surrogate-testing and why to use it; also learn 3 Emergency TKM techniques 
  3. Learning causes of blocked regulation/reversed polarity & how to correct each cause to avoid erroneous muscle-testing results 
  4. Learn other causes of erroneous muscle-testing results (switching, tester-bias and fractured personality) and how to correct; also, effectiveness & tolerance amplification
  5. Muscle-testing for geopathic fields and for electromagnetic fields & correcting
  6. Learn 2-point testing & how to muscle-test to screen for basic emotions affecting health
  7. Muscle-testing energetic vortices spin direction & ways to correct it; also 3 more TKM techniques
  8. Muscle-testing 46 Voll Control-Measurement- on hands & feet + how to correct
  9. Muscle-testing for percentage Causes of Disease
  10. Learning how to muscle-test for chronic Traumatic-Brain-Injury & how to correct
  11. Learning muscle-testing for “jammed skull” and how to “unjam” the skull manually
  12. Muscle-testing joint misalignments & teaching clients how to self-adjust their joints 
  13. Learning NEW Laser Energetic Detox method that requires no electrodermal screening 


Workshop Locations, Addresses & Phone Numbers 

South Los Angeles area: Center For New Medicine, 6 Hughes Suite 100, Irvine, CA 949-680-1880

North LA area: 3625 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Courtyard Ste 209, Westlake Village CA 805-300-3305

North Indianapolis area: 911 E. 86th St. Lower Level, Indianapolis, Indiana 317-663-7123

Tampa, FL area: at White Sands Dentistry 520 48th St. Ct E, Bradenton, FL phone: 941-748-9393

Atlanta area: Real Health Medical, 555 Sun Valley Dr, Suite D4, Roswell, GA 678-990-5401 

Phoenix area: 1660 S. Alma School Rd. #221, Mesa, AZ 480-773-8018

San Angelo, TX: Freedom Fellowship Church, 342 S. Chadbourne St. 817-269-2201 text is best

Dallas area: Progressive Labs Bldg, 3131 Story Rd. West (rear entrance), Irving, Texas 214-497-8333


Workshop Tuition

$450 early-bird price or $550 after August 12, 2024

  • Includes a salad or sandwich for lunch both days
  • Detailed syllabus
  • Vial-holder for their laser-pointer for doing Laser Detox
  • Free streaming for one year on of the workshop video-recording as well as (upon request to ) a 58-item muscle-testing kit containing all the Nutramedix products.


Laser Detox Muscle-test kit

Offered separately for $400 early-bird price (or $450 after August 12th); the muscle-testing kit has 100 vials necessary to do NEW Laser Detox and the kit will be hand-delivered at the workshop to attendees who have purchased them separately for the early-bird price (or will be shipped UPS ground to attendees if ordered after August 12).

The OLD Laser Detox required testing with a Zyto Elite (almost $15,000 new) which also had loaded into it $900 worth of Dr. Cowden’s Biosurveys & the 17,000 additional testing items which Dr. Cowden linked into the Zyto software. The NEW Laser Detox requires MUCH less equipment (a portable infrared sauna for about $200 and a RemedyMaker for about $650 and the 100-vial muscle-testing kit for $400). Practitioners who do Laser Detox are continually amazed how much improvement their clients get from this one procedure because Laser Detox removes most toxins from the body at least 20 times faster than the next-fastest detoxification technique! 

Register Soon on because the workshops will be limited to only a few attendees in each workshop location; this means that several who want to come will not be able to come. If you register as an early-bird, your total amount should be either $450 for the Workshop only or $850 for the Workshop and the Laser Detox muscle-testing kit. You do NOT have to decide about the muscle-testing kit when you register for the workshop (you can decide later).

Refund Policy

If a paid registrant has something unexpected that precludes their attendance at the workshop, 70% of the workshop tuition will be refunded to the registrant by the Workshop location where registrant was registered. 

Recommended hotels will be emailed to registrants within 7 days after registration.

Local transportation

You can rent a car & if you transport other attendees from your hotel to the workshop location & back to your hotel each day, those attendees may be willing to pay you something each day. You may choose to get rides from Uber, Lyft, taxis, friends...


Planned Schedule

Friday September 20, 2024

Starting at 8am PDT, 10am CDT, 11am EDT (but arrive 30-45 minutes early to get a seat, pick your group of 7-10 hands-on, workshop buddies & to learn the schedule for YOUR location)

Time allotted (Times listed below are PDT; add 2 hours for CDT and 3 hours for EDT)

Time (PDT) Activity
7:15-7:30am Registration, choose your seat & pick your hands-on group of 7-10 others
8:00-8:15am Lee Cowden - Welcome and “Why Learn Muscle-Testing & Integrative Medicine”
8:15-9:15am Jerry Weber ND - Intro to Muscle-Testing & practice with partners
9:15-10:15am Tammy Hughes RN- Surrogate testing & 3 Emergency TKMs (Heart, Asthma, Anaphylaxis)
10:15-11am Break & KS=Kyl Smith DC presentation: “The Health Benefits of AMPK Activation”
11:00-12:00pm Rhett Bergeron MD - Blocked Regulation- identifying & correcting, then practice
12:00-12:45pm Lunch provided by your Workshop host and also practice in your small group
12:45-1:45pm Jennifer Gramith ND - Switching, Bias, Fractured Personality & TOES
1:45-2:45pm Cliff Fetters MD - Geopathic & Electropollution muscle-testing & practice
2:45-3:00pm Break (we urge everyone to go outside to get fresh air & sunshine)
3:00-4:30pm Practice all with hands-on muscle-testing coaches (EDT finished at 6:30pm & CDT at 5:30pm)


Saturday September 21, 2024

*East Coast starts 90 min before PDT (at 9:30 EDT) and Central starts 90 min before PDT (at 8:30 CDT) and do practice

Time (PDT) Activity
8:00-9:00am Jennifer Gramith ND - energetic vortices, Mental Blocks, Recall Healing, Emotion Code, Evox & practice
9:00-10:00am Jerry Weber ND- Causes of Disease by percent & 3 more TKMs (Seizures,Burns,Bleeding)
10:00-10:45am Break & Kyl Smith DC presentation: “The Health Benefits of AMPK Activation”
10:45-11:45pm Rose Fischer RN - 46 Voll Control Measurement Points, practice & review all 6 TKMs
11:45-12:30pm Lunch & practice all that’s learned thus far (if you can, go outside to get fresh air & sunshine)
12:30-1:30pm Lee Cowden - Testing for & correcting Skull Jamming, TBI & neck or back scars
1:30-2:00pm Practice with muscle-testing coaches
2:00-2:15pm Break (if you can, also go outside to get fresh air & sunshine)
2:15-3:15pm Lee Cowden - Old & New Laser Detox methods, Photonic Focal Uptake Enhancement & practice
3:15-5:00pm Wrap-up & last chance to practice with muscle-testing coaches (East Coast wraps at 7pm EDT and Central wraps at 6pm CDT)

Workshop Organizers & Presenters

Register Now

$550.00 $450.00