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Fellowship Level 1

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Dr Cowden

TitleInterpreting “routine lab tests” in ways that provide more help for your patient/client
  1. Define Heavy Metals
  2. Describe contemporary methods of analysis
  3. Demonstrate Integrative Medicine strategies for their removal
Presentation Synopsis: The course will focus on standard medical lab tests (CBC, Chem-12 Panel, Lipids, HgbA1C, TSH, Vitamin D) and their interpretation.  Nutritional and lifestyle interventions and protocols will be discussed for each lab test.  Common diseases such as anemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, and heart disease will be reviewed along with the appropriate lab testing and integrative medicine protocols.  

TitleAn Introduction to Water Treatment and Water Chemistry Modification for Health
Practitioners – What You Need to Know to Advise Patients and the Public 
  1. To clarify the basic information concerning the criteria for safe and healthful water for drinking and bathing
  2. To review the available water technologies/methodologies and qualify their capabilities and shortcomings
  3. To explain the truths and misconceptions surrounding chemically modified water – alkaline, ionized, structured, hydrogen infused, etc
Presentation Synopsis: Every health practitioner recognizes the critical importance of water in health and healing but few have a foundation of factual information, much less experience, to be qualified to make recommendations to their patients and the public. This presentation strives to educate health practitioners about the complex and often misunderstood world of water quality and water treatment. It will include:
1. The fundamental properties and chemistry of water and how it becomes contaminated
2. A review of the public water quality standards established by the EPA
3. The primary contaminants and how they affect health
4. Characteristics of various water sources: public, private well, bottled
5. Drinking water purification technology overview – what works best for health-compromised patients
6. Water for bathing/showering – the preferred solutions and exposing popular product limitations
7. Sorting out the claims and misconceptions of chemically and energetically modified water – structured, ionized, alkaline vs. alkalinity, hydrogen infused, programmed/informed, etc.
8. Water additives & their role in homeostatic regulation the composition of extracellular fluids 
Dr Cowden

TitleThe Chinese were right: Most diseases start in the bowel (an introduction to bowel detoxification and colon hydrotherapy). Includes a workshop.
  1. Learn how poor bowel health develops & how it results in many diseases  
  2. Learn the steps to reverse poor bowel health including colonics & the 7-day rapid cleanse  
  3. Learn the basics of bowel reflorastation including probiotics, prebiotics & fecal transplants  
Presentation Synopsis:  The Chinese have said for at least 2000 years that most diseases start in the bowel. Toxicity of the bowel results mostly from eating too much of the wrong foods & too little of the right foods. Constipation (less than 3 bowel movements per day) is common & contributes to liver toxicity & toxicity of the lymphatics, the brain & other vital organs. Toxic organs become diseased. To heal from these diseases, it is best to first improve the diet, then do some intermittent vegetable juice “fasting” & take oral fiber, probiotics & clay. Since toxic emotions perpetuate physical toxicity of the GI tract, emotional detoxification is also very important along with colonics/colemics, liver/bile duct flushes and reflorastation orally & rectally (probiotic implants & ocassionally even fecal transplants). Dr. Cowden will also share his experience using the 7-day rapid cleanse (juice fast plus ozonated colemas, ozonated baths, lymph drainage and supplements) to resolve autoimmunity, silicone poisoning and even cancer.  
Dr Cowden

Title:  What supplements do most people need and why?
  1. To learn which nutrients are deficient by USDA standards
  2. To learn which nutrients are often deficient but not recognized by USDA or FDA as deficient
  3. To learn how muscle-testing and electro-dermal screening can screen for nutrient deficiencies
Presentation Synopsis: The US government uses nutrient standards that do not fully reflect much of the more recent research about nutrient sufficiency or deficiency and biochemical individuality. Many factors affecting nutrient sufficiency for optimum health exist now which did not exist in 1941 when the original nutrient standards were developed, such as the plethora of electromagnetic pollutions and environmental toxins that influence nutrient tissue uptake and/or wasting of nutrients from the body.  Also much nutrient research done since 1941 is not taken into consideration. This presentation will discuss the nutrients most commonly deficient today according to recent research and will describe the utility of electro-dermal screening and muscle testing to better predict which nutrients require supplementation.

Title:  Parasites as a New Emerging Global Environmental Threat
  1. To recognize that parasites are often overlooked common medical problems
  2. New way of detecting parasites by using current technology based on acupuncture meridian and it’s conductance assessment
  3. How to optimize using herbal and parasite medications & how to prevent recurrent parasite infections 
Presentation Synopsis: Parasites are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in global scale with 4.5 billion people infected by all helminthes. Global climate warming and human migrations/vacations accelerated the translocation of parasites. This lecture will cover why parasites are often overlooked environmental threats ignored by American medical practice and address a new way of detecting parasites by using current technology based on acupuncture meridians and its conductance assessment which is based on Energy Medicine. Will address how to use herbal and prescribed parasite medications and to prevent recurrent parasite infections.
Dr Cowden

Title:  Heavy Metals: Their sources and strategies for removal
  1. Define Heavy Metals
  2. Describe contemporary methods of analysis
  3. Demonstrate Integrative Medicine strategies for their removal
Presentation Synopsis: Heavy metals represent a major health risk to the public.  Due to their ubiquitous nature, heavy metals have made their presence known in everything that humans have come into contact with.  The presentation will identify the sources of heavy metals in the food, air, and water supply.  The importance of methylation, detoxification pathways, glutathione, ALA, anti-oxidants, and oxidative therapies will be highlighted.
Specific Integrative Medicine protocols will be reviewed including but not limited to oral and IV chelation, sauna, H.I.T., oxidative therapies (ozone, hydrogen peroxide, HBOT),  colonic hydrotherapy, and vitamin/mineral/herbal and homeopathic supplementation.

Title: The road to detoxification using infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage and Laser Energetic Detox
  1. Define and identify the primary sources and causes of toxicity.
  2. Illustrate the benefits of detoxification.
  3. Share various therapies used by practitioners which promote detoxification.
Presentation Synopsis: Detox, short for detoxification, is the body’s natural, ongoing process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from the body.  Toxins are anything that can potentially harm the body tissue, including normal cell waste products, environmental toxins, viruses, bacteria, and parasites.  The liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood, and lymphatic systems work together to ensure that toxins are transformed to less harmful compounds and/or are excreted from the body.  Unfortunately, we all struggle with the “Toxic Body Burdens” which suppresses our immune functions further promoting toxic build up.  This presentation will explain some of the major sources of toxicity and will provide methods to safely and effectively detox using nutrition, supplementation, along with various energy based therapies including Electro- Lymphatic Therapy (ELT), Laser Energetic Detox (LED), and Infrared Sauna Therapy.

Title: Therapeutic Lymphatic Drainage including a Workshop
  1. Describe the physiology of the lymphatic system
  2. Describe what lymphatic drainage is and why it is important
  3. Describe various techniques and methods for assisting lymphatic drainage
Presentation Synopsis: Lymphatic therapy is a highly beneficial form of physical therapy.  The lymphatic system is often not specifically addressed in the plan of care, and yet it plays a critical role in maintaining healthy bodily functions.  Integrative medicine needs to consider it in the management of detoxification and postoperative rehabilitation, specifically in the prevention of edema and inflammation.  The lymph vessels can become clogged and congested with toxins and protein deposits.  This will cause a sluggish flow of lymphatic fluid.  A person can experience pain from swelling and edema in the surrounding tissues and experience other undesirable affects, such as liver congestion, abdominal swelling, swelling and fluid stasis.  Various lymphatic drainage therapies stimulate the movement of fluid within the lymphatic vessels, promoting the elimination of accumulated toxins and pollutants and relieving generalized edema and lymphedema, swollen and tender lymph nodes, localized or generalized areas of pain and discomfort related to lymphatic blockage.
Dr Cowden

Title:  Laser Detox & choosing flower remedies, heavy metal binders & drainage products using semi-automated electro-dermal screening
  1. To understand the history, scientific basis & principles of Elecrto-Dermal Screening (EDS)
  2. To learn how to use EDS to help determine body-toxins, flower remedies, metal binders & drainage remedies
  3. To learn the basic procedures for doing Laser Energetic Detox (in preparation for a hands-on workshop)
Presentation Synopsis: Laser Energetic Detox (LED) was developed by Dr. Cowden and two PhD researchers in 2001 & further refined by Dr. Cowden subsequently. LED is based upon principles of homeopathy, hormesis, photonics & detoxification principles.  During an LED session, a laser light is passed through a clear glass vial of homeopathic-like energies. When the point of light passes through a cylindrical glass vial, it causes the light coming out the other side to be a line of light rather than a point.  That line of light is “swept” over the client’s body. An electro-dermal screening device can be used to asses for a patient’s specific toxins,  balancing flowers & colors, toxic foci locations, heavy metal binders & drainage remedies plus imprint the vials. The patient receives at least two LED sessions at least 25 hours apart, while avoiding EMF and the treated toxins, as well as certain substances that can neutralize homeopathy (camphor, peppermint, etc.).

TitleLaser Energetic Detox guided by Autonomic Response Testing
  1. To teach some basic principles of Autonomic Response Testing
  2. To teach how Autonomic Response Testing can be used to guide a Laser Energetic Detox treatment
  3. To demonstrate and teach how to reduce specific toxins in the body in 25 hours using Laser Energetic Detox
Presentation Synopsis: Muscle-testing has been thoroughly researched and published as a reliable & valid method to assess a patient. This presenter and others have found that one form of muscle-testing, Autonomic Response Testing (ART), can be effectively used to assess for specific toxins in a patient’s body, as well as the flower remedies, heavy metal binders and drainage remedies helpful for that patient’s health. Laser Energetic Detox (LED) involves passing laser light through a vial of homeopathic toxins (determined by ART) in order to rapidly remove those toxins from the body (a hormesis effect which improves a patient’s health). Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD has published more than 150 articles, many of which help to explain why a technique like LED would be expected to facilitate healing. A practical hands-on workshop will be taught on how to identify specific toxins in a patient’s body by ART and how to remove those toxins from the patient’s body using LED.

TitleKinesiology: Learning how to use leg lengths
  1. Understand the benefits of using leg lengths
  2. How to use leg lengths
  3. Art of Sequencing Questions to get the causal problem

Presentation Synopsis: Kinesiology is the science and art of eliciting information from the body.  It allows the healer unbiased data in order to prioritize the patients chief concerns and gives the intelligence of the body a vehicle from which to express itself. Using leg length is an easy to learn objective technique, that has the patient totally relaxed with no physical involvement at all The patient is lying down in a supine position.  Upon asking questions silently that are of only a yes and no response, we then observe the internal maleoli of both legs as a reference point for answers.   If the response is yes, then the patients left leg will go longer than its original starting point.  If the answer is no, the right leg will move longer from its original position.Therefore,  we now have a basis to receive answers for any yes or no question.  The final stage of learning is for each practioner to develop their own questions for them to find the answers they are looking for to serve their patients.

TitleHeartQuest – The Ultimate Health Detective
  1. To educate healthcare providers in the importance of advanced heart rate variability technology
  2. Heart rate variability as a tracking tool to evaluate changes in patients throughout their course of treatment
  3. The clinical relevancy of heart rate variability
Presentation Synopsis: The presenters will use an accepted tool (a form of Heart Rate Variability) to show objective evidence of the current state of health of all the regulatory systems of the body including the autonomic nervous system, the neurohormonal system, psychoemotional and the Chinese 5 elements and how these systems are affected by a practitioner’s individualized treatments.
Dr Cowden

Title: Frequency Therapies: testing for & using Mortal Oscillatory Rates
  1. Define Mortal Oscillatory Rate & teach ways to choose for a patient MOR & its harmonics
  2. Describe plasmas & therapy with plasmas 
  3. Introduce the role of biophotons in health
Presentation Synopsis: The role of electromagnetics in health of animals & humans dates back centuries but was researched extensively in the 1700s by Galvani and amazing research on plasmas (electromagnetically excited gases) in health were researched in the early 1900s by Tesla & Rife. Royal Rife proved with his light microscope that microbes could be destroyed by using the exact electromagnetic frequency that resonated with a microbe (the Mortal Oscillatory Rate) & that by destroying the microbe, the cancer caused by that microbe could be eliminated. Methods of determining the MOR for a specific person will be described.

TitleForgiveness, journaling & gratitude as aids in healing
  1. —Help participants to understand the critical importance of gratitude as a premise in helping someone cope with their health challenges more effectively and its importance in achieving better health
  2. —Help participants understand the role that unforgiveness plays in causing disease and the incredible power of forgiveness as a healing tool
  3. —Help participants to grasp the power of journaling in achieving better health and how to go about using this tool effectively
Presentation Synopsis: 

TitleRemoving mental bocks to healing; creating will & motivation to get well
     1.  Help participants to be able to define the four key blocks to healing, to learn how to
          identify them and how to help clients resolve them and through so doing dramatically
          improve outcomes.
     2.  Help participants understand that will power alone is seldom enough to ensure better long
          term clinical outcomes especially in chronic illnesses & that a change of mindset is
          critical to achieve better outcomes.
     3.  Help participants learn how to create greater  leverage for their clients to be able to make
          the necessary emotional and mental shifts to increase the chances of better clinical
          outcomes dramatically. 
  Presentation Synopsis: Why do some people heal and others not?  What makes the difference? During this lecture we will review four key blocks to healing that might explain this difference in outcomes. We will also discuss the role of will power and motivation in defining clinical outcomes. Do those with more will power do better than those that don’t? Is it possible that willpower alone is not enough? How do we as clinicians gain leverage on our patients to increase the likelihood of long term success in their thinking, lifestyle changes that we are encouraging them to make and in following the treatment plans that we might recommend to them. The discussion will include the levels of healing, the critical importance of discovering and clearing the roots of illness at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels in order to overcome blocks to healing.
Dr Cowden

TitleScar treatment workshop (injections, clay-mud and VibraTwist)
  1. Learn the importance of treating shallow scars with clay mud, liposomal chelators & photonic focal detox
  2. Learn how to “clear” contusive scars & abdominal adhesion scars non-invasively 
  3. Learn locations of major ganglia & how to clear “blocks” in ganglia with photonic focal detox & iontophoresis 
Presentation Synopsis: Whether a scar is only superficial from shallow incisions, lacerations, burns, abrasions, etc. or deep from deep surgeries or from contusive wounds related to a blunt-blow, all scars tend to accumulate toxins that disrupt the energy flow through acupuncture meridians crossed by that scar. This results in dysfunction of the organs attached to those meridians as well as dysfunction to lymph drainage & sometimes even blood-flow in the area of the scar. Neural ganglia can also become filled with toxins & fail to function properly. As a result, the organs & tissues innervated by the dysfunctional ganglia tend to also dysfunction. In this workshop, attendees will learn the locations of the major ganglia & will learn non-invasive ways to clear toxins from the ganglia & to reduce the harmful effects of both shallow as well as deep scars.
Dr Cowden

Title: Structural self-adjustment, skull unjamming, bite-adjustment, stress-reduction & Coca pulse-testing for food sensitivities
  1. Learn how to do stress reduction & Coca pulse-testing
  2. Learn how to unjam the skull sutures & self-adjust most joints prior to bit adjustment
  3. Learn how to muscle-test for dental malocclusion
Presentation Synopsis: Often bite adjustment is performed at the dentist’s office after a filling, crown or bridge while the person’s skull is “jammed” or their other joints are misaligned. Because the bite takes precedence over all other joints, the other joints are destined to chronic misalignment unless the practitioner realizes this problem, then adjusts the person’s joints immediately before a dentist precisely adjusts the person’s bite.  The muscles, especially the chewing muscles, must be relaxed when the joints and the bite are adjusted. Therefore, the person needs to do regular stress-reduction before every meal & before every bedtime. In this workshop, attendees will be taught stress-reduction techniques, then skull unjamming, then structural self-adjustment of most joints, then muscle testing for dental malocclusion.
Dr Cowden

TitleFood as the foundation for healing: How to decide what to eat
  1. Learn which foods are beneficial & harmful for most people & which cookware to avoid
  2. Learn which foods to eat & to avoid for the most common chronic illnesses
  3. Learn how to eat for your metabolic type & how to fine-tune diet with saliva pH testing
Presentation Synopsis: In the USA, most people eat for taste without any consideration for the affect of food on their health. For health’s sake, people should follow the advice of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.” Dr. Cowden will teach which “foods” are harmful to every person & which foods are beneficial to most people. He will teach how to grow your own food, shop for food & prepare healthy food as well as discuss the benefits of eating raw, sprouted & fermented foods. Dr. Cowden will teach which foods should be eaten & avoided for specific illnesses & explain why people with different metabolic types should eat different foods & balance their saliva pH by modifying their diet. And Dr. Cowden will teach the principles of food-combing, 4-day rotational eating, how to identify food allergens with a do-it-yourself home test & how to enhance one’s digestion.
Dr Cowden

Title: Relationships between organs, glands, muscles, joints, spinal nerves, cranial nerves, teeth & emotions
  1. Present overview of the nervous system, cranial and spinal nerves, neuroanatomy and physiology
  2. Discuss clinical considerations related structural health
  3. Connection of body systems to teeth via TCM meridians
Presentation Synopsis: Dr. Duda will explain the role the nervous system has in integrating organ, gland, muscle, joint and higher level functioning. He will discuss the importance of proper neurological functioning and spinal and cranial structural alignment. Dr. Duda will review specific clinical considerations related to structural alignment and referred pain patterns. The connection of body systems to teeth via TCM meridians will also be reviewed.
Dr Cowden

Title:Non-pharmaceutical treatments of parasites
  1. Learn the relationship between parasites & toxins and how parasites create chronic diseases 
  2. Learn of non-pharmaceutical treatments for worms, protozoa, Lyme & fungal parasites
  3. Learn how to do photonic focal detox and enhanced herbal uptake
Presentation Synopsis: The most recent research shows that many people who are chronically ill have unrecognized infections with parasitic worms, protozoa, fungi, Lyme Borreliosis or other bacteria. A microbe that is mutualistic or comensalistic in a human under certain circumstances, might become parasitic under other (especially toxic) circumstances. Since certain pharmaceutical treatments may be harder on a person’s health than the intended target microbe, there is an ever-increasing need for effective non-pharmaceutical treatments. These treatments and related topics will be discussed.

TitleEMF Pollution and Remediation

     1.  Increase awareness of the dangers of EMF Pollution
     2.  Create a Safe Environment at home and work
     3.  Saving you and your family's future
Presentation Synopsis: We are in an Electromagnetic Warfare and we are LOSING the battle.  We need to be aware of the enemy.  This unseen enemy is slowly creating decline in our health. Left unchecked , EMF can unravel our DNA,  contribute to diabetes, and heart disease.  EMF attacks our immune system, depletes minerals in our body, and disrupts cellular communications.  Prolonged effects have even caused cancer.   EMF is addictive and we are becoming sensitive to this electricity.   The first step in remediation is recognizing EMF in our home, schools,  and work place. Second is learning how to protect our bodies through grounding, disconnecting, and creating barriers of entry. Our future generations are at risk if we do nothing.   


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