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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fellowship Level 8 Topics & Speakers

ACIM Fellowship Level 8 Speakers & Topics

Movement that Heals

Dr. Paula Strait


  1. Learn the importance of primitive reflexes in adapting to stress
  2. Learn how rhythmic movement helps with integration of reflex patterns
  3. Use diagnostic touch to identify areas of visceral stress

Reflexes, the automatic, unconscious responses of the nervous system to specific sensory stimuli, are the keys to our survival and are fundamental in our understanding of our rapid response to stress. Using a knowledge of neuroanatomy, embryology and Chapman’s reflex points, we can identify neuro-immune imbalance and visceral stress at an early stage. Using rhythmic movement we can re-establish a balanced autonomic nervous system.

Balance With Nature...Introduction To Chinese Herbs

Dr. Nuris Lemire


  1. To Introduce the art of using Chinese herbs for healing & balance
  2. To expand on the multiple uses of Chinese herbs
  3. Provide simple recipes for the attendees to experience with the uses of Chinese herbs.

Learn how from ancient times people have used Chinese herbs for health, longevity and nutrition. These herbs provide diverse uses whether through cooking, bathing, tinctures or beauty treatments they are integral parts of the traditional ways, which we call: “Barefoot medicine from the countryside.” As these traditions travel to the west, they provide tools for experiencing balance, health and clarity of mind, body & spirit.

Abortion and the Heart: Implications related to the emotional underpinnings of some cancers

Dr. Michelle Schrader


  1. Intro & Review of Recall Healing Principles
  2. Identify neurological aspects regarding the felt experience of various cancers and the correlation to abortion
  3. Highlight case studies demonstrating breast, ovarian, uterine, prostate and colon cancers

Recall Healing is rooted in the premise that all traumatic experiences are neurologically connected and expressed in the physiology.  Current research is beginning to understand the underlying emotional components of specific cancers. It is further beginning to illustrate correlations between various cancers and both men and women who have aborted babies.  Surprisingly, this phenomenon is not gender specific: a variety of case studies illustrate both men and women who have aborted their babies, may also experience a variety of different types of cancers, including, breast, ovarian, uterine, prostate or colon cancers.  Further research is needed, however preliminary evidence demonstrates the necessity to investigate variables possibly contributing to a specific type of cancer.

Bio-identical Signaling Therapy: The Oxidative Response Mechanism

Dr. Luis Martinez


  1. Identify the role of the Oxidative Response Mechanism involved in cellular repair
  2. Review the role of oxidative stress in chronic degenerative diseases
  3. Learn how Bio-identical Signaling therapy can be applied to the practice of Integrative Medicine

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are unavoidable products of cellular metabolism and of environmental exposure to toxins. They are implicated in the aging process due to their detrimental and cumulative effects. However, ROS also serve a crucial role as messengers and are able to activate the oxidative response mechanism (ORM) responsible for increased cellular repair. Aging results in a gradual decrease in the body’s own ability to respond to and activate the oxidative response mechanism. Bio-Identical Signaling Therapy is a scientifically proven approach to increase ORM and cellular repair.  This presentation will discuss the scientific basis for Bio-identical signaling therapy, its benefits and its role in Integrative Medicine.

NeuroRegeneration: A Multimodal Approach

Dr. W. Lee Cowden

Teach some of the main causes of chronic neurodegenerative diseases & brain dysfunction
Describe the evaluative tools helpful in identifying causes of neurodegenerative diseases
Explain the integrative medicine therapeutic tools available to reverse neuro-degenerative diseases

In medical school, most doctors were taught that the brain does not regenerate once damaged, especially in adults.  However, many practitioners around the world have personally seen marked recovery with an integrative treatment program in paralyzed patients years after a stroke or patients with advanced Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or children with severe Cerebral Palsy, etc.  Neuroplasticity research has been demonstrating a recovery of human brain function with a variety of tools & techniques. Dr. Cowden will describe some the evaluative tools & therapeutic tools that are now available for assisting in the reversal of damaged or degenerated brain & spine.

Cognitive Longevity Factors

Dr. Kyl L Smith


  1. Attendees will learn about the strategic use of certain foods and dietary modifications shown to support and potentially improve healthy cognitive longevity.
  2. Attendees will learn about the importance of physical exercise for the support and improvement of cognitive functions in older otherwise healthy adults.
  3. Attendees will learn about the importance of nutrients that potentially mitigate the harmful effects of the stress hormone cortisol, reduce oxidative structural damage, and support healthy cognitive function.

With the Baby Boomer population at 80 million, one out of every three North Americans are now fifty years of age or older and poor cognitive function is a common complaint of aging. Health Care Practitioners will gain knowledge of peer-reviewed research substantiating the benefits of specific dietary factors, nutrients and methods of physical exercise shown to forestall cognitive decline, promote cognitive longevity, while improving memory and mood in certain patient populations.

Introduction to Electromagnetic Devices

Dr. James E Lemire


  1. Review the principles of electromagnetic therapy
  2. Review current devices available
  3. Clinical case presentations

Electromagnetic radiation has become a principal therapeutic modality in the 21st Century.  It is been shown to decrease pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation.  It will also increase circulation, energy to cells, cell hydration and bone density.  We will review the available clinical devices and proper use.  And will present several clinical cases using these devices.

Chronologically Controlled Developmental Therapy (C.C.D.T)

Dr. James E Snapp


  1. Gain a Basic Understanding of C.C.D.Therapy
  2. Learn Basic Assessment of Developmental Failures in Clients/Patients
  3. Create Basic Programs Using Hands on Methods to Stimulate Increased Functional Recovery

Understanding CCDT will allow a new perception in your view of clients/patients diagnosis and prognosis. There is a predictable and ordered sequence to the way the CNS heals after a trauma, which has not been observed in the medical community; which consists of reflexes, movements, and spasticity patterns. Learning basic assessment of developmental time frames from CCDT aspect allows a broader understanding to how a client may recover after a neuro-trauma. Therapy and home environment plays a key role in the speed of recovery and engages your clients in participating in their recovery. Hands on therapy techniques will be learned that are simple to administer and allow clients greater outcomes for increased functional recovery.

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT): Adaptive Contrast Therapy in Clinical Setting

Dr. Angelique Hart


  1. Understand the principles of Live O2 Adaptive Contrast Therapy
  2. Understand the clinical uses for Live O2 Adaptive Contrast Therapy
  3. Understand the possibilities and clinical implications  of combining Live O2 treatment with other Integrative Modalities

This presentation will cover the underlying physiologic principles, clinical implications and use of Live O2 Adaptive Contrast Therapy, and discuss possible useful combination of Live O2 Adaptive Contrast Therapy with other Integrative Modalities. Key findings from clinical research with Adaptive Contrast O2 Therapy by Dr. Manfred Von Ardenne will be presented with focus on O2 delivery and usage, followed by a short overview of the patho-physiology of traumatic brain injury and discussion of a specific Brain Oxygenation protocol. Application of Live O2 Adaptive Contrast will be explained through three patient case histories, followed by a live 10 min demonstration. The lecture will end with a presentation of an Integrative and Holistic Clinic model that uses multiple modalities, which include Live O2 Therapy.

How to Do a Neuro Exam to Localize “Soft Lesions” in the Brain. Neurofeedback & Similar Tools for Brain Recovery

Dr. Andy Barlow


  1. Learn how to triangulate the level of a brain lesion on neurological exam
  2. Learn how to use some of the more useful tools in reversing neurological conditions
  3. Performing cerebellar rehabilitation

Detailed physical exam is an art that is being lost & forgotten, especially the neurological exam.  Dr. Barlow will teach how he evaluates patients with neurological dis-ease and how he determines from a detailed neurological exam precisely WHERE in the nervous system a lesion is located.  Then he will teach some of the more useful tools like EEG Neurofeedback and light-sound devices that he has found to improve or even reverse neurological conditions, especially related to cerebellar rehabilitation.  This presentation will help attendees to effectively use these patient evaluation and treatment techniques in their offices the week following participation in this teaching. 

Integrative Medicine Concepts in Practice

Dr. Tammy Hughes


  1. To see real life application of ACIM tools & technologies
  2. Understand how to successfully integrate new concepts into existing practices
  3. To learn key aspects of a holistic clinic

Attendees will learn about implementing the tools and technologies demonstrated  through the ACIM Fellowship into their practices. The things I will discuss are: Clear Mind Neurofeedback, Echo Hydrogen Enriched Water, HOCATT Ozone Sauna, Zyto Biofeedback, Evox & Recall Healing, Electro Lymphatic Therapy, Homeoprophylaxis, EWOT Therapy, 7 Day Rapid Cleanse, and Thermography.  You will learn the benefits of these technologies to be used with your patients and clients

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