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ACIM Core Wellness Coach Training

PLEASE NOTE: The wellness coach certifications (Core & Comprehensive) are designed for those individuals working closely with or for an active licensed health professional with doctorate degree.  If you are not currently working closely with or for one, please find in your geographic area an active licensed practitioner with doctorate degree (probably MD, DO, or DC or an ND in states which license NDs) who is open minded & with whom you think you could work. Ask the practitioner to “sponsor” you for the ACIM training (they have to do nothing but communicate once with an ACIM representative).  If you are not working with an active licensed health professional, you can take the wellness coach course-work for the purpose of gaining knowledge (as an audit), but you will not receive a wellness coach certification. If you have questions about this certification, please email .

The ACIM Core Wellness Coach Training is foundational for all Wellness Coach Certifications.  It gives the student a broad based look at integrative wellness care.  It is a required certification from which all specialty Wellness Coach Certifications are built.  The core components of the Core Wellness Coach Training are as follows:
  • Life-Style Dietary Concerns 
  • Life-Style Nutrient Supplementation
  • Life-Style Exercise, Breathing, Stretching & Nature
  • Life-Style Sleeping, Relaxation, Environmental Remediation & Detox
  • Life-Style Evaluative Procedures
  • Life Emotions, Relationships & Spirit
Specialty Wellness Coach Certifications such as Nutrition, Emotion, Comprehensive, and others are in the planning process and will become available in the near future.  We will continue to develop additional Specialty Certifications as we discover specific needs in the marketplace of life and ideas.

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Cost (approximately 70 hours of training):

Exam Cost :

Plain Certificate (PDF format):

Gold Seal Certificate Cost (optional):
$2250 promotion price $3,700 list price
Other discounts may apply see below

$0 - included in training

$0 - included in training

$ 50

  • All archived videos for future use and reference
  • Exam
  • PDF Certificate issued after successful completion of the exam. NOTE:  No attendance or completion certificates are issued.  Only those who pass the exam wll be issued certificates.

General Member:
One Time Fee
3 month pay plan*
6 month pay plan*

Premier Member** (20% discount):
One Time Fee - $450 savings
3 month pay plan*
6 month pay plan*

Health Professional Member** (10% discount):
One Time Fee - $225 savings
3 month pay plan*
6 month pay plan*
Friends of the Academy** (10% discount):
One Time Fee - $225 savings
3 month pay plan*
6 month pay plan*
General Member
$ 2,250
$ 760/month
$ 390/month

Premier Member
$ 1,800
$ 610/month
$ 315/month

HP Member
$ 2,025
$ 685/month
$ 352/month

$ 2,025
$ 685/month
$ 352/month

Important Notices
**To take advantage of the discounts shown you will need to join at the membership level desired before you register for the training.  Click here to join,
*Certificates are issued after the final payment has been received for any payment plan and the successful completion of the exam.

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