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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Conquering Cancer Conference

Great News!!!  Conquering Cancer is now a 3 day conference. 
Our great friend and Advisory Board Member, Dr. Joe Mercola, saw what we were proposing for the conference and said, STOP, we need to add more… and so we did. 

Or in Dr Mercola's words:

Dr Cowden invited me to speak at the Conquering Cancer conference in Orlando, Florida in September.  When I viewed the other speakers that were presenting I was amazed to see that there were some of the most respected nutritional cancer experts in the world.  So I invited a few other leading experts and I am now convinced that this will be one of the best integrative cancer conferences ever held.
It was originally planned as only a 2-day conference, but I have been able to convince the organizers to expand the conference to include 3 full days because of the other experts I had personally invited. (Thursday through Saturday).  ALSO a unique half-day post-conference round-table on Sunday morning discussing cancer testing has been added.  If you are as passionate about nutrition as I am and looking for the absolute cutting edge strategies to reduce and treat cancer for your patients, your family and for yourself, then I strongly urge you to attend this event.   Please remember that this strategy will not only address cancer but nearly every other degenerative disease such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and aging.


Main Conference & Post-Conference Schedule

Thursday Sept 22nd 8am to 5pm -
includes lunch & break refreshments

Cancer Freedom Day: A day of spectacular teaching and testimonials

Thursday Sept 22nd 6pm to 7pm

Panel Discussion & Inner Circle Think-Tank

Friday Sept 23rd  8am to 6pm -
includes lunch & break refreshments

Full day of spectacular teaching

Saturday Sept 24th 8am to 5:30pm -
includes lunch & break refreshments

Full day of spectacular teaching

Sunday Sept 25th 8am to 1pm      

Post-conference: Advanced Integrative Cancer Testing



Conference Theme

"You've got cancer!"  This diagnosis more than any other brings a sense of dread and foreboding.  Well intentioned medical staff often show their deeply concerned and sad face while attempting to help the newly diagnosed patient, not realizing how this affects.the person trying to assimilate this new information.  At ACIM, the staff, professors and Premier Members believe in the power of the mind and spirit to materially affect the body.  Projecting hopeless thoughts to those already enthralled in a life-threatening situation is counter productive to helping them get well.  While we recognize that not every person will conquer cancer, we hope that every health practitioner will give their clients the greatest opportunity to heal.  This means that the health practitioner and their staff should see the possibilities and not the statistical probabilities since each person is unique and not a statistic.  To this end our trainings and conferences, including Conquering Cancer, focus on new powerful techniques, tools and protocols that have proven successful in treating chronic diseases including cancer.

The projections are dire - one in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will have cancer during their lifetime.  After decades of "finding the cure", the outcomes look remarkably the same now as at in the beginning of the "war on cancer".  This need not be.  Come and hear the latest answers for conquering cancer from some of the leading integrative practitioners in the world.  Learn about the root causes of cancer and unique ways to treat your clients, giving them new hope and real opportunities for healing.

Conference Objectives
To understand the various root causes of cancer and then understand how
  • electromagnetic field therapy,
  • orthomolecular nutrients & diet,
  • biological dentistry & treat toxic foci,
  • resolution of emotions & toxins,
  • therapy guided by genomic testing and
  • chemotherapy sensitivity testing
can provide answers to cancer’s root causes.

Conquering Cancer Post-Conference

Advanced Integrative Cancer Testing

September 25, 2016 - Sunday 8am to 1pm
Orlando Florida
Accurate and early diagnosis of disease is paramount to saving lives.  This is especially true with diagnosing cancer.  Many of the established diagnostic tools discover the presence of cancer after symptoms present, limiting treatment options and reducing the probability of a quick and successful recovery.  Early diagnosis is important for successful treatment outcomes.

The companies that we have invited to this post-conference have developed various early cancer detection methods. The format is for each company to present a concise presentation and then for a round table discussion with the audience.  The Post-Conference is a unique opportunity to understand various types of cancer testing.

Attendees will learn:
  • How, by using these tests, the practitioner can detect cancer at a much earlier stage than with the scans generally used in allopathic medicine. 
  • How practitioners can use many of these same tests to guide their therapeutic decisions and to follow the regression of cancer without their patient getting radiation exposure. 
  • How these tests can be used to identify cancer recurrence earlier than typical allopathic scans allowing or the re-initiation of appropriate effective therapy early enough to avoid a worse prognosis and a worse outcome.   
Don't miss this unique opportunity.

More Info

Conference Pricing

Choose the Conference Package that best fits your needs!
Discounts are available for some ACIM Memberships.  Please see below for details.**


Total Package
Main & Post-Conference
September 22nd to September 25th
Total Package Price               $699

Sold Out

Main Conference
September 22nd to September 24th
Main Conference Price          $649

Sold Out
Post Conference ONLY
September 25th 8am to 1 pm
Post-Conference Price           $ 79

Register Post-Conference

Friday/Saturday Only
September 23rd to September 24th
Friday/Saturday Only Price   $499 

Sold Out
Thursday ONLY
September 22nd
Thursday Only Price             $249 

Register Thursday

Premier Member Discount 20%
Health Professional Membership Discount 10%
Friends of the Academy Discount 10%


Conference Speakers

Gold Sponsors

Conference Schedule (subject to change)

7:30-8:00am        Registration Day 1 (Thursday Sep. 22, 2016)
8:00-8:05             Welcome by Lee Cowden MD (Sep.22, 2016)- Cancer Freedom Day
                            inspired by Joe Mercola
8:05-8:20             Joe Mercola DO- It’s All My Fault
8:20-8:35             Kelly Gallagher, MC
8:35-9:20             W. Lee Cowden MD- Overcoming Cancer: It Is NOT a Death Sentence
9:20-10:05           Dean Silver MD- Integrative Cancer Care               
10:05-10:20         Break
10:20-10:30         Patient testimonial- Cheryl with Stage 4 Multiple Myeloma
10:30-11:15         Heather Paulson ND, FABNO- Integrating Supplements, Botanicals & IVs
11:15-12:00         Jim Lemire MD- Endometrial Carcinoma Clinical Case Study
12:00-2:05           Lunch Presentation- Steve Haltiwanger MD- How the Electronic Properties of Cancer
                            Cells Are Affected by PEMF Devices and a Medical Food Oxaloacetate

2:05-2:15             Patient testimonial
2:15-3:00             Simon Yu MD- Accidental Cure for Cancer: Think Unconventional, Asymmetric
                            Metabolic Parasites

3:00-3:10             Patient Testimonial   
3:10-3:55             Mitch Fleisher MD- Homeopathic & Nutritional Cure of Metastatic, Small Cell Cervical

3:55-4:10             Break
4:10-4:20             Patient Testimonial
4:20-5:05             Leigh Erin Connealy MD- Cancer: How It Works and How You Win
5:05-5:50             Damon Miller MD- The Role of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Cancer Treatment

5:50-6:00             Kelly Gallagher- Wrap-up
7:30-8:00am        Registration Day 2 (Friday Sep.23, 2016)
8:00-8:30             Welcome & Introduction to Day 2 Conquering Cancer & Introduction to Exhibitors
8:30-9:15             Martin Dayton DO, MD- Integrative Medical Approach to Watchful Waiting for
                            Prostate Cancer

9:15-10:00           Zach Bush MD- Novel Mechanisms of Bacterial Regulation on Mitochondrial
                            Signaling & Apoptosis
10:00-10:45         Break & Exhibitors
10:45-11:30         Dennis Harper DC, ND- PEMF Therapy for Cancer & Pain              
11:30-12:15         Dan Beilin OMD, LAc- Identifying & Eradicating Focal & Toxic Processes in Cancer
                            by Regulation Thermometry
12:15-2:15           Lunch Presentation- Tsuneo Kobayashi MD- Cancer Risk Assessment By
                            Utilizing Tumor Marker Combination Assay According to the Natural History of Cancer

2:15-3:00             Ray Hammon DC, ND- Cancer Free or Just Tumor Free; Your Life May Well Depend On
                            The Difference

3:00-3:45             Ioannis Pappasotiriou MS, MD- CTCs and CSCs as the Circulating Cancer Cell Subsets
                            That Promote Cancer Progression
3:45-4:30             Break & Exhibitors
4:30-5:15             Jenny Hrbacek RN- The Roadmap to True Early Cancer Detection
5:15-6:00             Rick Davis, MD- New In-vitro Diagnostics for Early Detection & Management of

6:00-6:45             Exhibitors                           
7:50-8:00am        Introduction to Day 3 Conquering Cancer (Saturday Sep. 24, 2016)
8:00-8:45             Will LaValley LaValleyMD- Demystifying and simplifying the molecular biology of cancer 
8:45-9:30             Simona Pop MD, DMD- Dentistry & Cancer Connection: Myth or Reality?              
9:30-10:15           Break & Exhibitors
10:15-11:30         Michelle Schrader PhD- Examining Breast Cancer from a Recall Healing Perspective:
                             Stories of Transformation and Hope

11:30-12:15         Young Hee Ko PhD-
12:15-2:15           Lunch Presentation- award & presentation + ACIM Offers- Thomas Seyfried PhD-
                            Cancer as a Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease: Implications for Management &

2:15-3:00             Joe Mercola DO- The Ideal Diet for Cancer: Mitochondrial Metabolic Therapy
3:00-3:45             Miriam Kalamian EdM, MS, CNS- Implementation of the Ketogenic Diet for Cancer
3:45-4:30             Break & Exhibitors
4:30-5:15             Ron Rosedale MD- The Intimate Connection Between Cancer, Aging, Protein & TOR
5:15-6:00             Jeanne Drisko MD- Ketogenic Diet, IV Vitamin C & Hyperbaric Oxygen in Cancer Care
6:00-6:10             Closing Comments      
7:30-8:00am        Registration for Post-conference (Sunday Sep. 25, 2016)
8:00-8:15             Introduction to Advanced Integrative Cancer Testing Post-conference (Sep. 25, 2016)
10:30-10:45          Approx. Break Time
1:00pm                Adjourn

Conquering Cancer CMEs & CEUs

Provided by Westbrook University the conference is approved for 20 CEU's and CME's by:

    American Academy of Family Physicians
    American Council of Nutrition
    American Academy for Facial Rehabilitation
    American Naturopathic Certification Board
    Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Examiners
    Arizona Medical Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
    Board of Registered Nurses
    Certified Substance Abuse Counselors
    Holistic Dental Association
    Missouri Certification Board SAC
    Recognized Association of SAC


To Purchase CME/CEU credits from Westbrook please click here.


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