September 20 - 22, 2018

Integrative Hands-on Workshop - Part III

**Parts 1&2 are NOT prerequisite**


ACIM’s online Fellowship represents approximately 300 hours of high-quality, integrative medicine training, but several practitioners who have reviewed that wealth of training have commented how much more valuable the learning experience would be if they had face-to-face, hands-on training for some of the teaching that is not purely didactic. In order to meet this request, ACIM hosted a Foundational Level Workshop in the Dallas area on April 12-14, 2018 and will be hosting two additional hands-on workshops in the Dallas area in 2018 (Integrative Hands-on Workshop - Part 2 on July 19-21 and Integrative Hands-on Workshop - Part 3 on September 20-22), each workshop lasting 3 full days (Thursday through Saturday). In order for attendees to get the maximum benefit from the LIVE, hands-on workshops, they should make an effort to review some of the associated online didactic Fellowship courses BEFORE attending the LIVE events, if possible (but this is NOT a prerequisite). These LIVE workshops and the associated online didactic teachings represent tools that practitioners can use to improve their success in helping their complicated, chronically-ill patients.

  • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, Ozone int blood, Ozone joint injections
  • Ozone via rectal/vaginal/ear & by body-bag & breathed-thru-oil
  • German neural therapy, IV-Ca-EDTA, IV nutritional therapies
  • Human umbilical cord regenerative therapies (in joints & IV)
  • Muscle-testing(advanced): Leg-length, O-ring, Sway-test, Deltoid
  • Structural & Emotional Healing and Connections for healing
  • Computerized Regulation Thermography & IR thermography
  • Oligoscan heavy metal testing & heavy metal detoxification
  • Zyto ElectroDermal Screening (including Zyto Frequency Testing
  • Infrared photonic focal detox & BioElectrical Impedance testing
  • Quantitative EEG mapping, EEG Neurofeedback & Neurofield

What attendees said about the April 2018 Workshop

"By far the best conference in 62 years, since I finished med school.”
- Norm Shealy MD, PhD

"Thanks for the great training this past weekend. I learned so much that I want to integrate into my services and teach my clients.”
- Jane Oelke ND, PhD

“I just want to thank you for a great workshop. Everyone was so uplifting and helpful.”
- Donna Weinheimer

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