ACIM Fellowship Level 1

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Type: Fellowship
Professors: Michael Einsohn, DC; Martin Gallagher, MD, DC; Robert Slovak; Julia Schulenberg, RN; Ida Gaither; W. Lee Cowden, MD; Simon Yu, MD; Martin Gallagher, MD, DC; Jennifer Gramith, ND; Doug Phillips, DDS, CTN, DCH; Michael Kessler, DC; Javdat Karimov, ND; Pieter DeWet, MD; Pieter DeWet, MD; Roger Duda, DC; Ashlyn Sconyers, RN; Allen Sprinkle, DDS; Gary Sconyers, ND; Karen Combs, ND; Ray Hammon, DC, ND; Dr. Tim Atkinson, ND
Duration: Approximately 28 hours


  • All archived videos from all sessions of the live seminar for future use and reference
  • Practical Workshops
  • Opportunity to sit for Level exam

Not Included:

  • Level Exam - $150
  • Gold Seal Certificate - $50
  • Meals

ACIM announces the creation of the ACIM Fellowship, a unique approach to the world of medicine, healing, and wellness. What makes this teaching unique is that the fundamental focus is on the individual /patient. The underlying intent of each level is how can the individual be empowered in their own healing. Each level is designed to give the practitioner the ability to immediately implement what they have learned into their practice and ultimately into empowering the /patient. This encourages and allows each person seeking healthcare to make the best healthcare choices for themselves. An involved /patient is a person on their way to healing. Active patients tend to heal faster and more completely than passive patients. Each level is designed to increase your opportunity to engage a patient in their own healing and to Enhance Your Practice Success by gaining more effective Tools.

The Fellowship has been designed to demonstrate and teach the diversity of disciplines, treatments, and diagnostic tools found in the practice of Integrative Medicine. The Fellowship consists of 10 Levels. These levels include in-person courses (only a one time event which is videoed to use online.), online courses, demonstrations, and practical hands-on instruction. Carefully designed online and practical exams allow students to demonstrate both the knowledge and the practical application of the course material. Quality testing gives practitioners and their patients/clients confidence in the integrative diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the ACIM Fellowship. The ACIM Fellowship is designed to lead practitioners through a logical progression of courses that teach the student the why, the how and the practical application of integrative medicine tools including laboratory tests, supplemental nutrients, devices, etc. in new integrative ways.

Upon successful completion of each level, the practitioner will have attained the necessary knowledge and practical training to implement what has been taught and learned into their practice immediately. Each level may also come with a list of suggested devices, products, and services which are instrumental to the successful implementation.

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