ACIM Fellowship Level 5

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Intermediate Integrative Evaluation & Intervention

Live Dallas/Ft. Worth TX
Part 1 - April 15 & 16, 2016
Part 2 - June 3 & 4, 2016

Videos online approximately 3 weeks after the live presentations.

  • Live Seminars
  • All archived videos from all sessions of the live seminar for future use and reference
  • Practical Workshops
Not Included:
  • Level Exam - $150
  • Gold Seal Certificate - $50
  • Meals (for live event)
The ACIM Fellowship is built upon and with the Pioneers of Integrative Medicine. Our teaching combines the best of research and discovery with the best in practical experience. The Fellowship has been designed to demonstrate and teach the diversity of disciplines, treatments, and diagnostic tools found in the practice of Integrative Medicine.ACIM

Fellowship Level 5 is titled
Intermediate Integrative Evaluation & Intervention. In Level 5 we delve deeper into the many of the more advanced methods of physical examination. The list of evaluations is truly integrative in that it has a mix of different disciplines and tools. This level also explores with more depth some simple but powerful means of successful interention.

Level 5 Topics:

  • Osteopathic Evaluation
  • Cranio-sacral for client evaluation
  • Intro to Electrocardiogram
  • 24+ hour monitoring of EKG, oxygen sat, resp.rate&depth,temp, etc.
  • Finger oximetry & Angioscan
  • Quantitative EEG mapping
  • Thermography (Alfa-CRT / IR-imaging)
  • Oligoscan vs SenseAble taste testing for minerals
  • Other scans (US-Doppler, X-ray, CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, etc.)
  • Cranio-sacral
  • Modified Juice-fast with oral clay, mucolytic herbs & fiber
  • Advanced colonic hydrotherapy with pressurized machine
  • Gall bladder/biliary flush
  • Heat depuration (IR Sauna, BioMat, Turkish Sauna, clay plasters in heated room)
  • Baths (Clay-baths, Ozonated baths, Epsom salt, Sodium Bicarb, Kaqun-type, etc.)
  • Course on dentists communicating with primary care practitioner

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