ACIM Fellowship Level 7

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Healing the Environment to Heal the Body

Live Dallas/Ft. Worth TX
Level 7
Videos online approximately 3 weeks after the live presentations.

  • Live Seminars
  • All archived videos from all sessions of the live seminar for future use and reference
  • Practical Workshops (when available at live events)
Not Included:
  • Level Exam - $150
  • Gold Seal Certificate - $50
  • Meals (for live event)
The ACIM Fellowship is built upon and with the Pioneers of Integrative Medicine. Our teaching combines the best of research and discovery with the best in practical experience. The Fellowship has been designed to demonstrate and teach the diversity of disciplines, treatments, and diagnostic tools found in the practice of Integrative Medicine.ACIM

Fellowship Level 7 Objectives & Synopsis:

  1. Attendees will recognize the primary environmental toxins & impediments to health
  2. Attendees will learn various factors that influence how the body processes & responds to toxins
  3. Attendees will learn how to evaluate an environmentally ill (EI) patient & their environment
  4. Attendees will learn some of the most useful therapies to help an environmentally ill patient
In Level 7, we exam the importance of environmental factors on wellbeing and overall health. The training in this level helps to better understand the impact of environmental issues on health & healing and will equip practitioners to more effectively evaluate and address these very important issues with their clients/patients. Doctors in the Established Medical Complex often do not recognize the various relationships between the patient’s environment and their physical health. Therefore, the Medical Complex rarely addresses these important connections in the health of their patients. Just a few of the “toxins” that will be discussed are heavy metals, radioactive elements, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, mycotoxins, genetically-modified foods, electromagnetic field pollution, etc. And environmentally ill patients may go from one specialist to another specialist “chasing symptoms” but a skilled environmental practitioner will be able to recognize the symptom pattern, identify the primary environmental toxins, then guide the patient in detoxifying their environment and their body.

"They don't ask you to be God but they ask for a path for healing and for hope. Help them find it."

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