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BioEnergetic Medicine Is Not a Fad …
It’s a Powerful Wellness Tool

Do you suffer from symptoms of fatigue, pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety or others
that are common to today’s hectic, toxic world? Has your doctor been unable to tell
you what’s wrong, or has everything that you’ve tried—drugs, vitamins, herbs or
otherwise—failed to make you well?

Take heart—bioenergetic medicine has solutions, when chemical substances or
conventional treatments fail. In BioEnergetic Tools for Wellness, learn about novel
diagnostic tools and techniques—many you can do yourself! They help you to
discover virtually everything that is going on in your body. These tools reveal:
• what nutrients your body needs
• what organs need support
• what infections you might have
• whether you are at risk for cancer

You will uncover a broad repertoire of cutting-edge tools and strategies in bioenergetic
medicine, including:
• homeopathic and energetically-imprinted remedies
• do-it-yourself, hands-on manual therapies
• powerful energetic devices and gadgets

Each can help you to heal from whatever condition ails you, or simply help you to
maintain your current state of wellness. In BioEnergetic Tools for Wellness, there
is something for everyone. Find freedom from the conditions that ail you, or learn
valuable tips about how to remain healthy and strong in today’s toxic, stressful world.

"Dr. Lee Cowden and Connie Strasheim have written a great primer
on bioenergetic medicine and testing. Highly recommended."

–Joe Mercola, DO,, world’s most visited health site

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