Webinar: How Much Chronic Disease Is Caused by Parasites

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Webinar: How Much Chronic Disease Is Caused by Parasites
William Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)


Mainstream medicine sometimes ignores what some consider common sense. In this webinar Dr. Cowden discusses the impact of one of these things that is all too often ignored in mainstream medicine – the role of parasites in Chronic Disease.

When Dr. Cowden was in medical school in the 1970s, he was told by the professors in the microbiology department and by the doctors in the infectious disease department that there are no parasites in humans in the United States- only in people in third world countries. As is the case with medical students, he did not question these statements. Upon leaving school and residency, he was faced with real world situations in private practice in Dallas, Texas that would bring into question his medical school teachings. He had patients, who were born and raised in Dallas, bring worms to the office they had blown out of their nose or had passed into the toilet from their bowel. Facing the dilemma of believing his professors or the real world experience presented to him by his patients, he chose common sense instead of continuing to believe the medical school dogma. People from third world countries come to the United States seeking a better way of life. They often find jobs in restaurants where they handle food which is then consumed by the patrons of these restaurants. Dr. Cowden realized that the worms and other creatures the food handlers brought with them from their home countries had not jumped off their hosts at the US border because they lacked visas. This webinar will describe the complicated interaction between parasites and their human hosts.

About Dr. Cowden:

Areas of greatest interest in medicine.
I have a passion to educate health professionals how to use all the different diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that are available in integrative medicine to help their patients, especially those patients who are given no help and no hope by the allopathic medical community.

Therapeutic modalities I have used.
Diagnostically, in addition to the usual allopathic history-taking, physical exam, laboratory testing and imaging procedures, I have used evaluative kinesiology, Chinese pulse assessment, sclerology, iridology, Chinese tongue and fingernail evaluation, and various forms of electro-dermal screening. Recently, I have found the fully-automated, quantitative electro-dermal screening systems to be the most useful single diagnostic aid. Therapeutically, I use diet, lifestyle counseling, emotional counseling, Recall Healing, EMDR, REMAP, Thought-Field Therapy, orthomolecular nutrient therapy, herbal therapies, homeopathic therapies, fixed-magnetic therapies, pulsed-electro-magnetic frequency therapies, oxidative therapies (ozone, IV hydrogen peroxide, etc.), color therapies, laser and other photonic therapies, sauna-therapy, colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic-drainage, modified fasting and various other detox therapies, German Neural therapy, reflexology, electro-acupressure therapy, Ki-Iki-Jyutsu therapy, and prayer (just to name those I use most often).

Health conditions with which I have had the greatest success.
I have had very good success treating non-invasively the following conditions: atherosclerotic disease, cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, all types of arthritis, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, Autism, most cancers, type 1 and 2 diabetes, chronic sinusitis and a variety of other chronic diseases

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