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Co-existing causes such as toxins, genetic factors, nutritional deficiencies, etc. are usually present in a person with cancer, but often the trigger for the development of cancer is one or more emotional conflicts and associated beliefs of the person. Long-term survival for a person with cancer can often be tied to the mental and emotional factors that give them the will to live, including: Believing in future goals & aspirations, Motivation to overcome, Reducing stress, Willingness to resolve emotional traumas, Hopefulness powered by the belief of recovery. Dr. Cowden discusses practical techniques that he has found to be successful in assisting clients to resolve their emotions and then resolve cancer.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. For attendees to understand the importance of the mental/emotional in cancer development 
  2. For attendees to understand the importance of resolving mental/emotional issues in cancer patients 
  3. For attendees to learn the basics of some techniques used to quickly resolve mental/emotional issues

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