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Do you have patients/clients that just can't seem to get well.  Everything that they do seems to help, at least a little, yet they never get "well".  It might be that below the surface deep within their emotions, lie unresolved traumas that impact their ability to get "well".  Join us in this unique look at these very issues by some of the best medical practitioners. Join us to explore the ways emotion plays a significant role in personal wellness.

There are a few things that every chronically ill person deals with. One of those is the stress of emotional trauma.  Events shape us in deep and often unconscious ways.  Join us to learn the “unconventional” ways our internationally recognized speakers have found to help their clients overcome debilitating emotional trauma and stress.  They will be sharing their real-life inspiring cases.

Conference Objectives

  • Learn how certain emotions can cause physical diseases
  • Learn several ways to determine the primary emotions causing a disease
  • Learn several ways to rapidly reverse the emotional causes of disease

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