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Conquering Incurable Diseases Conference

Detoxify - Path to Healing Conference
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W.Lee Cowden, MD

Garry Gordon, MD

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

Simona Pop, MD

Chris Shade, PhD

Tim Guilford, MD

Mitch Ghen, DO

Victoria Bowmann, PhD

Michael Kessler, DC

Bill Akpinar, MD

Rachael Fresco, PhD

Long Beach, California

February 2014

Dr Garry Gordon
Detoxification Pioneer - Keynote Speaker

Dr Garry Gordon Photo

Dr. Garry Gordon is a detoxification pioneer. Dr. Gordon has always been an "out in front thinker". Never satisfied with the status quo, he is always seeking a better way. He has met personal physical issues head on using them to propel him to better ways of diagnosis and treatment. Over 30 years ago he developed the first chelation therapy program. He co-founded ACAM believing that chelation should be an integral part of any healing protocol. Hear him share what he has learned from attending 40 to 50 medical seminars/conferences every year!

If you could do just one thing that would improve your client’s health, well being, and general appearance in the most economical way, what would it be? That’s easy! Detox the body, mind, and spirit! Join us in Long Beach, California to hear and learn how our internationally recognized speakers helped clients remove toxins and regain their life. They will be sharing their real-life inspiring cases.

Our environment today produces a steady stream of toxins. They take many forms. Some are chemical like those found in our food and water supply. Some are in the air we breathe every minute. Some are invisible to us, yet we are constantly being bombarded by them. They are emf's, radiation, broadcast signals, electrical transmission lines and more. Some are insidious genetic mutation that we consume unknowingly. Share in the journey that our speakers have traveled and learn how they help their clients and themselves deal with through the magnitude of toxins in our world today.

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