Webinar: Reversing Autism With Integrative BioEnergetic Therapies Part 2

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Children with autism are the “canaries” of our society. In the past, miners would take a canary in a cage down into the mines with them. If the canary died in the cage, the miners knew that poisonous, odorless gases were responsible. They also knew that they must get out of the mine as quickly as possible in order to not end up like the canary. The children with autism are much more sensitive than almost anyone else to the ever-increasing chemical & electromagnetic pollution of our world. What we also know is that if we can help the child with autism, we can apply those same principles & techniques to most other chronic illnesses with good success. In this webinar, Dr. Cowden will describe his approach to reversing autism in children and illustrate how to do likewise in other chronic illnesses.

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