Webinar: Treating Chronic Disease on a Very Limited Budget

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Dr Cowden shares from his experience how people can treat chronic diseases even on a limited budget. Chronic diseases are epidemic worldwide - in developed countries as well as under-developed. Contrary to the belief of many doctors, chronic diseases are not caused by a pharmaceutical drug deficiency. The root causes of these diseases is extremely varied and unique to the individual and should be treated from that perspective. Each person with a Chronic Disease is instrumental in determining the success of any treatment. Dr. Cowden discusses to be deeply involved in your own healing. Instead chronic diseases are caused 1) from the toxicity of chemicals, heavy metals, radio-active substances & even biotoxins, 2) from electromagnetic radiation poisoning, 3) from eating nutrient-depleted, inflammation-producing foods, 4) from drinking insufficient pure water, 5) from chronic stress, 6) from negative attitudes, 7) from unresolved emotions, 8) from insufficient grounding of the body to the earth, 9) from improper levels of sunlight exposure, 10) from shallow breathing of mostly-polluted, indoor air, 11) from insufficient physical activity, 12)from blocked energy flow through acupressure meridians, 13) from mal-aligned joints, 14) from insufficient regenerative sleep at the optimum time of the night and 15) from poor hygiene ( just to name the most common causes). When the causes of a disease are resolved, the disease usually resolves also soon thereafter. In this webinar, Dr. Cowden will go into more depth on understanding these causes of disease & how to eliminate or at least dramatically reduce them with very little expense.

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