Benefits of PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY on Cells and Mitochondria

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Goals and Objectives:
Presentation by G.F. Gordon MD DO MD(H)
1) Improve the HEALTH AND LONGEVITY OF ALL ATTENDEES by educating them regarding this vital MISSING FACTOR in Health and Wellness.
2) Show how EARTH CHANGES have markedly diminished the MAGNETIC FIELD that supports metabolism & is essential to life.
3) Show the attendees that there is REAL SCIENCE behind the link between MAGNETISM and HEALTH EFFECTS.
4) EXPLAIN how and why cancer is only seen in LOW voltage cells which consequently revert to inefficient fermentative metabolism, whereas Cancer is Seldom if ever seen in the heart, which maintains its Charge at all costs.
5) Show how magnetic field therapy is healing non-union fractures, reversing Osteoarthritis & resolving resistant Depression among other health benefits.

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