Recall Healing Course 1

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This is Level 1 of 4 Levels of Recall Healing developed by Dr. Gilbert Renaud PhD.  Recall Healing is the art of reversing emotional and physical diseases by assisting the client to become aware of specific emotional conflicts which triggered disease development.   This is the introductory course for all Recall Healing courses.  It provides foundation principles and methods for understanding and applying Recall Healing techniques.  

Level 1 main themes :
•  Biology of Living Creatures
•  Law of Reality Ambivalence (duality)
•  The Iceberg analogy
•  Everything is a survival program mode
•  The three level rocket.
•  Disease: the brain's best solution to stay alive as long as possible
•  The ways we get sick
•  The brain, a breaker box
•  DH Syndrome
•  Biological Invariant
•  Stomach cancer
•  Real, Imaginary, Symbolic and Virtual
•  Digestive biological invariants
•  Multiple Sclerosis
•  Resolving the conflict(s)
•  Liver cancer
•  Two phases to disease
•  Four keys to the piano of biology
•  Embryology layers
•  Programming and Triggering conflicts
•  Breast cancer
•  Felt experience (the ways we experience a trauma: some examples)
•  Mini-Maxi Schizophrenia
•  Conflict of the diagnosis/prognosis
•  Conditions for healing
•  Biological cascade
•  Programmed-Purpose
•  Genealogy: circulation of the family memories
•  Stages of grief