Recall Healing Course 2

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This is Level 2 of 4 Levels of Recall Healing developed by Dr. Gilbert Renaud PhD.  Recall Healing is the art of reversing emotional and physical diseases by assisting the client to become aware of specific emotional conflicts which triggered disease development.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven't taken Level 1 it is very important that you do as it contains foundational principles and methods which are necessary to gain the depth ot understanding presented in this Level.

Level 2 contains information related to:
• The embryonic layers
• Rheumatisms, arthritis, joints pathologies
• Parkinson’s disease
• Meaning of different body parts
• Multiple sclerosis and myopathy
• Skin diseases
• Ear, nose and throat pathologies
• Eye’s pathologies
• Some digestive pathologies
• Overweight, obesity & thinness
• Cerebral relays
• Nervous breakdown
• The ontogenic system of microbes
• Lung’s diseases
• Osteosarcoma
• Diabetes & Hypoglycemia
• “Sheep’s” conflict
• Myocardial infarct “Heart attack”
• Fibromyalgia
• Letting go
• Therapeutic art – Crucial steps to support healing process
• Memorized Cellular Biological Cycles – Why do my problems recur?
• Understanding the biological cycles and how you can use them to understand your life story

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