Recall Healing Course 4

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This is Level 4 of 4 Levels of Recall Healing developed by Dr. Gilbert Renaud PhD.  Recall Healing is the art of reversing emotional and physical diseases by assisting the client to become aware of specific emotional conflicts which triggered disease development.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven't taken Level 1 it is very important that you do as it contains foundational principles and methods which are necessary to gain the depth ot understanding presented in this Level.

Level 4 contains information related to:
  • Review of Recall Healing Level III
  • Digestive system: stomach, diabetes & hypoglycemia and other conditions
  • Obesity & thinness, anorexia nervosa & bulimia, lipoma, liposarcoma
  • Ontogenic system of microbes
  • Micro-organism & various conditions
  • Humanity’s great epidemics
  • Aids/HIV
  • Lymph nodes, spleen, leukemia, anemia and various conditions
  • Thyroid
  • Schizophrenic constellations
  • Innate or acquired, extreme adaptability of life forms
  • Dreams, coma
  • Holograms and the Dirac function
  • Different types of conflicts
  • Biological traps
  • The placebo effect
  • Beliefs
  • 13 Suggestions to help healing
  • The point of no return
  • Principles and laws in Recall Healing
  • Man and domestic animals
  • Synchronicities
  • Oedipal-Electra Complex
  • To counsel…
  • Changing our perspective
  • Drug addiction
  • Various exercises for yourself