Webinar: Detox to Resolve Chronic Illness

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Most chronic illness is predominantly some type of inflammation, which is triggered by the body’s immune response to microbial infection and toxins. Dr. Antoine Bechamp, contemporary of Louis Pasteur, determined that infective illness develops not as much because of microbes coming into the body from outside the body, but more from the body’s internal “terrain” (which is the body’s toxic load plus its under-oxygenation, its depleted nutrient status and its acid-base imbalance). Pasteur said that all infection comes from outside the human body and has nothing to do with the body’s internal terrain. Pasteur was more vocal and flamboyant than Bechamp, so Pasteur’s theories and teachings were promulgated by the scientists and doctors of that time and even to today. However, Pasteur, on his death-bed, said “The terrain is everything”, thus acknowledging, in essence, that he was wrong and that Bechamp was right. The “financial interests” of that day did not allow Pasteur’s death-bed statement to become “public” so as not to alter the nice revenue-stream that had been created around an un-truth. Since Bechamp, many brilliant researchers have agreed with Bechamp including Günther Enderlein, Wilhelm Reich, Virginia Livingston Wheeler, Gaston Naessens, Alan Cantwell and others. The most common toxin contributing to the body’s terrain that allows infective illness is lactic acid, but many other “toxins” contribute, including heavy metals, radioactive substances, pesticides, herbicides, petroleum bi-products, a variety of other man-made chemicals, electromagnetic radiation and biotoxins produced by the microbes themselves. In this webinar, Dr. Cowden will discuss these causes of body toxicity, how to avoid accumulating more toxins into your body and the solutions for detoxification.

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