Mechanisms of Brain Degeneration & Objective Tools to Track Regeneration

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Mechanisms of Brain Degeneration & Objective Tools to Track Regeneration

Presented by: Michael Kessler DC

In today’s world most of us can tell from the news that we have a population of people that have cognitive issues. This is apparent from the massive violence to suicides; from the rate of Alzheimer’s and autism rates on the incline; and lastly, the alarming increase in depression and anxiety. The Health Detectives Tool Kit was formed to teach health professionals how to use evaluation tools to screen their patients in an attempt to offset future brain degeneration as well as to track progress with well designed programs. In this webinar we will track two cases of head trauma. One of the cases we are tracking has PTSD as well. The evaluation tools we’re using for our evaluations are the HeartQuest heartrate variability system and the Brain Gauge a brain function evaluation system. We will also explain the various parameters of the Brain Gauge and also what is involved in neurodegeneration in brief.

Attendees will learn:
- Some of the more important biochemical mechanisms of neurodegeneration & how to reverse them
- How historical questionnaires are used to guide Neuroregeneration & to validate change after treatment
- Brain Guage, HRV & objective tools to track neuro disease
- Various treatment modalities for improving brain function & show evidence of change post-treatment

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