Introduction to Quantum Medicine - Segment 1 of Quantum Medicine Level 1 Certification

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Segment Introduction to Quantum Medicine Outline:

Quantum Framework

• We extract from quantum physics a quantum framework that can be universally applied to all phenomena, the biggest objects, the smallest objects, and objects with sizes in between like our body.
• For easy memory and your future use, the quantum framework is simply 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
• It is so easy that you should use the quantum framework daily to guide your work.
• Quantum physics is not just about fancy phenomena like superconducting, but about you daily health and practice.

The Seven Framework Components

1.Select an object or an event that you want to learn, and associate it with probability
2.Apply Quantum duality, or yin and yang
3.There are three and only three ways to influence an event
4.Four macroscopic variables generally dominate the event
5.Five independent variables
6.Six important Symmetries
7.Action S

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