Resolve Emotions to Resolve Disease

Jeffrey Benton Jeffrey Benton DC, CTN
Title: The Evolution and Application of Mind-Body Medicine  

1.  Review the history of development of Neuro-peptides
2.  Review current modalities for evaluating Neuro-somatic disturbances
3.  Share current protocols under development
The world of Mind-Body medicine is constantly evolving.  The dogma of how healing occurs is outdated.  This presentation shares a historical review, highlighting pioneers in neuro-peptide discovery including Candace Pert Ph.D and David Hawkins M.D.  Review of current protocols developed by Scott Walker DC,  Wally Schmitt DC, DACBN finally show the confluence of these techniques into an updated healing modality.

W.Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)
Title: Dealing with Emotions to Resolve Cancer & Other Chronic Diseases

1.  To understand the importance of the mental/emotional in chronic disease development
2.  T
o understand the importance of resolving mental/emotional issues in chronically ill patients
3.  T
o learn the basics of some techniques used to quickly resolve mental/emotional issues

Patients usually have cancer & other chronic diseases because of several co-existing causes (the toxins, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, etc. are figuratively bullets in a loaded revolver), but the trigger for disease development is often one or more emotional conflicts and associated beliefs of the patient.  The success of a patient to have long-term survival often depends most on mental and emotional factors such as will to live, future goals in life, motivation to do whatever treatment is necessary, ability to handle stress, willingness & ability to resolve emotional traumas & the associated beliefs plus the ability to hold onto a hope of full recovery in face of what appears almost insurmountable odds.  There will be discussion of the literature demonstrating the mental/emotional causation of cancer as well as some practical techniques that Dr. Cowden has used to deal with this critical component of recovery from cancer & other chronic diseases.

Nicholas Eno, ThD, LPC
Title:  Healing The Wounded Spirit

1.  Definition and explanation of the Trichotomy Model.
2.  Highlighting the centrality of perception/emotions in resolving disease.
3.  Offering concrete tools to move participants from passive victims of genetics to shapers of their own health.
We are Spirits having a human experience. From an early age – even before birth in some cases – the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy us at the very core of who we are. When we break an arm or leg we can go to the doctor and have a cast put on to reset the bone. What do we do when our Spirit is broken? People have turned to pills, drugs, alcohol, pornography and all types of methods to escape their misery. YOU CANNOT MEDICATE THE SPIRIT! Only God can mend a broken Spirit! This series explains the functions of the Spirit and how to have and maintain a healthy Spirit. It is absolutely essential for those who have hurts that have not been healed but desire to be mentally, PHYSICALLY, emotionally, and Spiritually whole.

Janet Hranicky, PhD & Ed Gilbert, MD
Title: The Pleasure-Freeze: Stress and the Logic of Emotions

1.  To increase understanding of the “logic of Emotions” & the “Stress Response”
2.  To define what stress really is so that refined protocols for treating it can be integrated into the healthcare system
3.  Describe specific patterns of predictable distress that correlate with an individual’s unique personality & provide specific personalized interventions for stress management
Dr. Hranicky presents some of her theoretical research in the area of  “Emotions, Stress, & Cancer”. We cannot fully define what "stress" really is & know how to treat it successfully without understanding the "Logic of our Emotions". Dr. Hranicky describes how our basic stress response, which is an essential survival mechanism, can manifest as "The Pleasure Freeze" when we unconsciously, freeze our emotional needs as a way of avoiding pain. Our biologically based emotions, longstanding conscious & unconscious attitudes, & learned behaviors drive each of our responses to "real" or "perceived" danger in one of three ways :  “Flight, Fight, or Freeze”. In order to design adequate comprehensive treatments for the stress component of disease, we need to understand both the general aspects of the stress response as well as our individual patterns of distress that are predictable & correlate with our unique Psychological Needs & our Personality structure. What we link pleasure & pain to determines what we move towards & what we move away from. Linking massive pleasure to getting well is essential in maximizing one's recovery potential from serious illness.

David G. Lee, DC
Title: T.E.A.R.S.   (Trauma(s), Emotion(s), Attachment(s), Release(s))

1.  The body is a holographic computer
2.  There are three (3) distinct divisions of the body (structural, chemical, emotional)
3.  Better results by working with all three (3) parts at the same time
Using the Zyto Balance and EVOX programs to identify the Structural, Chemical, and Emotional imbalances for the client/patient.  With Integration of Patient History, Examination findings, ad Zyto Scans; showing the process of how to use the technology to create a comprehensive treatment plan to address all three: Structural, Chemical, Emotional.  With a demonstration of what the emotional clearing via EVOX looks like with all three areas included.

Neecie Moore, PhD
Title:  Spirituality, Prayer and Emotions: How They Can Work Together for Your GOOD and for Your HEALING 

1.  To present a review of research about the workings of spirituality, prayer and emotions
2.  To provide an avenue of hope for patients, caregivers and the medical community
3.   To bridge the gap between the camps of “those who believe” and “those who don’t” …. We are all in this together!
Research from the past two decades clearly indicate the positive effect of prayer, attitude and emotions on the healing process. A clear understanding of how to promote these powerful healing agents can bridge the gap between “those who believe” and “those who don’t.” Understanding that it is not about religion, but is about matters of the heart can open doors of hope for patient, caregivers and the medical community to work together seamlessly.

Lin Morel, MA, DSS
Title: The Healing Consciousness

1.  Understanding the spiritual, emotional and mental framework of your patient’s and your own healing process
2.  Becoming aware of self-care as a necessary prerequisite to effective patient care using the “unbendable arm” and “drop anchor” techniques to stay mindful, grounded and responsive
3.  Seeing beyond the physical: The role of acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, safety and gratitude as vehicles to support the healing of trauma
Illness, when viewed as a Soul’s journey, reveals learning opportunities for the patient and practitioner alike to access the deeper meaning behind dis-ease. Pain patterns reflect unaddressed and unresolved traumas, beliefs and decisions that may manifest as a lack of peak health. Healing is not just the absence of disease, it is a way of life that promotes wellness.  This presentation will share grounded simple tools to bridge the gap between illness as something that happens to us and the recognition that illness may in fact be a messenger calling for fundamental shifts in consciousness and healing on multiple levels.

Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT
Title: Quick REMAP to Resolve Underlying Emotional Trauma

1.  Understand the emotional midbrain and trauma
2.  Identify the adverse impact of emotional stress on health
3.  Learn how REMAP can resolve traumatic stress
Events that are experienced as traumatic have an adverse impact on both mental and physical health.  Such events can arrive in the form of an overwhelming high impact experience, including war trauma and natural disasters, but they also come about as a result of a gradual, unrelenting rise in cumulative stress.  When our cumulative stress level exceeds our individual coping capacity, we are pushed beyond the breaking point and may feel both flooded and traumatized.  The impact on the emotional midbrain (limbic system) creates a vulnerability to future false alarm activations of the fight, flight or freeze reflex.  The REMAP process has been developed to provide a mechanism to intervene directly upon the limbic system to produce a down-regulation of the amygdala, a calming of sympathetic nervous system over activation and a regulatory effect on both mind and emotions.  This presentation provides a concise introduction to Quick REMAP.

Gilbert Renaud, ND, PhD
Title: Recall Healing: Identifying & resolving the emotional trauma behind conditions & behaviors, an important step for the healing process  

1.  Understand how diseases & behaviors are related to an overwhelming emotional trauma in Recall Healing
2.  Identifying this (these) trauma(s) within the Family Tree, Pregnancy and Life Time Line of the client
3.  Demonstration of the Recall Healing modality and case examples
Recall Healing is a synthesis of 30 years experience in the background of Naturopathy, Emotions and Subconscious inspired by the work of Karl G. Jung and many others.  It provides a step by step process in the access of the trauma behind conditions and behaviors. 

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD
Title: Transcutaneous Acupuncture for Management of Anxiety, Depression and Inflammation

1.  Use specific acupuncture points to treat depression
2.  Use specific acupuncture points to treat anxiety
3.  Use specific acupuncture point to treat inflammation
Five specific acupuncture circuits have been demonstrated to increase DHEA, Neurotensin, Oxytocin, or calcitonin, and to reduce free radicals or to normalize aldosterone levels. Initially these circuits were activated with human DNA frequencies of 54 to 78 GHz.  Because it takes 21 minutes daily for patients to use this therapy, many were unwilling to devote the daily time needed. Over the past three years, specific blends of essential oils have been developed to stimulate the acupuncture points.  Clinically, activation of these circuits has been shown to provide significant clinical improvement in rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, diabetic neuropathy, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety. This approach requires only 30 seconds for stimulation of any of the circuits and has been much more acceptable to patients. Additionally, telomere rejuvenation with use of high frequency stimulation and with essetial oils will be discussed.

Dr. Kim Shunkwiler 
Title:  Stimulating Autophagy with PEMF: Why You Feel Better When You FEEL Better. 

1.  Heavy metals and industrial chemicals injure the developing brain and are among the leading known causes of the rise in neurodevelopmental disabilities like autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments
2.  PEMF therapy stimulates the opening of ion channels in the cell membrane (bioporation) increasing permeability by 200%, allowing better circulation of oxygen and nutrients into the cells and waste products out of the cells (autophagy)
3.  PEMF has been shown to up-regulate and help reset various neurotransmission processes that have significant beneficial effects on depression and other psychiatric disorders caused by neurochemical and hormonal imbalances
In clinical studies, PEMF has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, improve tissue oxygenation, increase cellular energy production and detoxification through stimulating cellular bioporation and autophagy, generate the body’s own stem cell production, as well as heal non-union bone fractures.   PEMF is used to treat various cancers through facilitation of cellular alkalinity and apoptosis.  PEMF demonstrates amazing results in the treatment of mood disorders and depression, as well other neurological disorders like Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. 

Jim Walters, ND   
Title:  Beyond Judgment

1.  Why a new paradigm for resolving emotional issues is essential
2.  Present a new method of achieving stress reduction called The Bridge
3.  Demonstrate how this technique works and explain why it is so successful
 If the CDC is correct in their statement that approximately 85% of all disease is stress induced, there is nothing more important than resolving past, present and future emotional issues.  Through the use of this newly discovered Bridge Technique, these issues can be cleared whether the client is aware of the root cause, or it’s buried deeply in the sub-conscious.