Chelation Therapy in Chronic Coronary and Renal Disease

Dr. Jim Roberts


  1. The link between metal burden and coronary and renal dysfunction.
  2. The studies demonstrating improved renal outcomes with metal detoxification.
  3. The Trail to Assess Chelation Therapy studies and the findings to date.

Oxidative stress is a key driver of atherosclerosis and renal disease.  Our innate anti-oxidant defense system, designed to meet the needs of primitive man on a healthy diet, is not sufficient for modern man on an antioxidant poor diet with a retained burden of free radical generating organic pollutants and metals.  The result is biochemical rusting, manifesting as chronic illness, particularly in the cardiovascular and renal systems.  Detoxification, coupled with efforts to optimize our innate anti-oxidant defense system, can reverse this pathophysiology and restore health.  This presentation will focus of the utility of EDTA chelation therapy in the treatment of chronic coronary and renal disease.  Studies documenting the safety and effectiveness of this approach will be presented.

BioIdendical Signaling Therapy in the management of chronic diseases

Dr. Luis Martinez


  1. Identify the role of the Oxidative Response Mechanism in improving cellular repair
  2. Understand the relationship between cellular activity and oxidative stress
  3. Learn clinical protocols for integrating Bioidendical Signaling Therapy in the management of chronic diseases

The oxidative response mechanism is an innate cellular repair mechanism which is involved in proper protein repair and function. Aging, inflammation and chronic diseases impair a properly working oxidative response mechanism. BioIdendical signaling therapy is a novel, science based alternative to maintaining a proper oxidative response mechanism in patients. This lecture will cover the science and applications of bioidendical signaling therapy.

High Vibrational Living – The Segue to Optimum Health

Dr. Steve Sinatra


  1. Define a high vibrational, non-inflammatory diet.
  2. Describe why detoxification facilitates vibration.
  3. Define what Earthing does.

After practicing medicine and cardiology for 40+ years, and especially after writing the book, Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth, it occurred to me that cellular vibration is the essence of life. In other words, the realization of illness like heart failure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, etc., is possibly related to the vibratory state of our cellular function. One of our goals in living a healthy life is to achieve a higher vibratory state so we can experience more aliveness, wellness and perhaps even longevity. In this lecture, we will ok at six pillars of healing that will help redirect our cellular energies into a positive direction.

The Role of Vascular Inflammation in Systemic Disease

Mark Squibb , Dr. Angelique Hart , Dr. Tom Butler


  1. Introduce concept of vascular inflammation as a trauma that permanently compromises energy production in tissue.
  2. Propose reasons mechanisms of how energetic Injury causes or at least enables many chronic systemic disease that affect virtually all of the body.
  3. This type of injury is actionable once recognized as a factor.  Unrecognized, it is the main reason why most conditions respond poorly to all therapy.

Energetic injury from vascular inflammation damages energy production processes but does not damage tissue structure.  In the absence of tissue damage, energetic injury remains unrecognized in the body and does not provoke a healing response.  Absent healing, energetic injury accumulates to be the dominant cause of degenerative and chronic disease, and loss of vitality.  This presentation refactors stress into physical, immunological, hormonal, and toxicological challenges that undermine cellular respiration as progressive hypoxia to eventual loss of cellular energy production and systemic vitality.  We all understand injury as tissue damage.  Injury has dual character as damage to the physical structure and loss of energy production.  Normal healing simultaneously repairs tissue structure and energy production.  This repair occurs naturally because energetic repair occurs as part of the physical repair.  Chronic disease depends on loss of energy production so restoration of energy production is the cornerstone of disease prevention and recovery.

External Counter Pulsation A Non-Invasive Approach to Coronary Artery Disease

Dr. S. Ramasamy


  1. Understanding the basics of Coronary Artery Disease.
  2. External Counter Pulsation (ECP) Mechanism of Action.
  3. ECP Role in Angina and Heart Failure.
    1. How to Implement: Non-Invasive Ischaemic Burden Reduction Program ( NIBR-P)
    2. How to Implement: Advance Heart Failure Treatment Program. ( AHF-TP)

Treatment of angina and heart failure poses a great challenge to cardiologists and general physicians as they utilise more resources but fails to achieve complete  control of symptoms and repeat hospitalisations. External CounterPulsation (ECP) is a non-Invasive, pneumatic assisted, angiogenesis promoting, mechanical treatment, which has shown promising results in patients with symptomatic coronary artery disease. In this presentation we will discuss how  a Non-Invasive strategy using ECP treatment can be used to achieve better outcomes in Coronary artery disease patients. We will also discuss in detail the mechanism of action , current guideline recommendation of ECP treatment and other utilisation of ECP treatment and its future role as cardio vascular rejuvenation therapy.

Are You Sure It’s Not Lyme?

Dr. W. Lee Cowden


  1. Describe the pandemic called Lyme Disease
  2. Discuss challenges in diagnosis of Borrelia & co-infections
  3. Describe non-pharmaceutical treatment options for Borrelia & co-infections

Many people in the USA are chronically-ill, often without a clear cause.  They have some pain syndrome or some “degenerative” process, but the healthcare practitioner taking care of them is only treating their symptoms because the cause of those symptoms has not been discovered.  Some research now suggests that at least 1/3 of these chronically-ill patients have an undiagnosed infectious illness causing their condition.  And undiagnosed Lyme disease and/or its co-infections are probably the most common infectious causes of the idiopathic chronic conditions. Lyme disease can mimic more than 300 different illnesses.  According to the Center For Disease Control & Prevention, there are 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the USA each year, making Lyme disease the most rapidly growing infectious illness in the USA.  Fortunately, there are some effective natural treatment options, which Dr. Cowden will discuss during this presentation.

Herbal Interventions in Lyme and Co-infections

Dr. Marjo Valonen


  1. Discuss the role of herbs in global primary healthcare
  2. Discuss steering through the myriad of symptoms in Lyme and co-infections and how it affects the treatment plan
  3. Learn examples of herbal protocols for persistent Lyme and co-infections

Lyme treatment failures are often suffering from multisystemic problems along with microbial infections. Understanding what they are, how they affect quality of life and how they can obstruct recovery is important for anyone who encounters the treatment resistant patients. The foundation for interventions is built with a detailed science based approach to herbs and nutritionals and their role in primary healthcare followed by how they can be applied to challenges such as inflammation. The presentation is hands on practical illustrated through detailed patient cases and they were resolved.

Pain Medication Toxicity vs. Alternative Substitutions

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger


  1. To identify common nutrient abnormalities that emerge during analgesic therapy and the biochemistry involved in depleting these nutrients.
  2. To review how analgesic drugs like acetaminophen, opioids and anti-inflammatories create free radicals and oxidants like peroxynitrite that deplete endogenous antioxidant systems particularly glutathione.
  3. To identify the basic pathophysiological toxic processes involved in damaging cells and organs from use of standard analgesics.

Millions of people use analgesics on a daily basis for pain control. Both prescription and OTC forms are used. This talk will review the clinical and research literature that addresses the types of medications used and the nutrient interactions with that arise with these medications. From a nutritional point of view, a clinician needs to be aware of how oxidative stress and glutathione depletion occurs. Organ damage to the brain, liver, lungs, GI tract and kidneys can transpire if proper measures are not taken to reduce free radical assault and nutrient depletion. This lecture will also review the metabolic pathways involved in detoxification of analgesic drugs. Laboratory testing pertinent to a nutritionist will be discussed to identify and monitor clients at risk to prevent organ damage. Scientific papers will be cited to identify which nutrient compounds can be employed to correct biochemical and physiological abnormalities that emerge during analgesic therapy.

Curing the Incurables

Dr. David A. Jernigan


  1. Understanding the importance of Bio-Circuitry in chronic illness: Future medicine now
  2. Resolving confusion about Herxheimer reactions in chronic Lyme
  3. Determining remedy selection

Chronic multi-system symptoms following conventional and often natural treatments of people with Lyme disease is a reality that plagues the majority of people. There are reasons for the poor treatment outcomes, including the doctor’s treatment philosophy, the healing technologies used, medical and social media misinformation, and disruptive environmental factors. You will learn why most treatments are doomed to fail. Today, more advanced, dynamic real time diagnostics, as well as streamlined, and prioritized treatments are possible with the emerging technologies of bioinformatics and bioenergetics that are taking much of the subjectivity and guesswork out of doctoring, not to mention bringing healing to many people who were previously considered incurable.  

BioEnergetics and Frequencies

Dr. Harry Massey , Dr. David C Matthews


  1. Concepts of energy fields show earlier detection of disease (before biochemical change)
  2. Understanding how treating acupressure points and energy fields can be used to improve health
  3. Showing that frequencies can act as signals to assist healing by case examples & research results

Bioenergetics is the science of decoding the physics of life and how it provides a roadmap for studying, detecting and correcting the energy of the human body. This talk will examine life from the perspective of Bioenergetics, which looks beyond conventional biochemistry and biology to the fundamentals of how energy exchange works in the body. A number of fascinating truths come to light when looking at the body from a physics perspective, primarily in how energy fields, through being so much more efficient at information transfer, are able to explain many of the mysteries of cellular communication not adequately explained through molecular signaling. The talk will also look at its implications on healing, in demonstrating when fields are distorted, how cellular communication breaks down, leading to disease and also, more importantly, how we can detect and correct these information fields to help the body heal.

Healing is Voltage: The Physics of Emotions

Dr. Jerry Tennant


  1. Life itself is dependent upon voltage.
  2. One must know the human body's electronic system to understand health and disease.
  3. Emotions are stored in the body and its circuits as magnetic fields that block the ability of organs to received adequate voltage and distort operating frequencies.
  4. As emotions are magnetic fields, they can be removed with other magnetic fields and re-tuned with appropriate frequencies to restore normal organ function.

Emotions are stored in the body and its circuits as magnetic fields that block the ability of organs to received adequate voltage and distort operating frequencies. As emotions are magnetic fields, they can be removed with other magnetic fields and re-tuned with appropriate frequencies to restore normal organ function.

Utilizing Effective Integrative Cancer Care and Validating Outcomes

Dr. Jenny Hrbacek


  1. Understand the tools available for integrative cancer care.
  2. Learn how to develop a personalized treatment plan utilizing integrative therapies.
  3. Learn how to use state-of-the-art tests to monitor patient progress.


Integrative cancer care is a powerful option that most cancer patients are never offered – And early intervention multiplies the effectiveness of these approaches. It’s time that we look at the causes and systemic toxicities when addressing cancer and implement appropriate therapies. Studies have shown that recovery is possible with the utilization of nutritional, oxidative, immune stimulating, energy, and detox modalities. Targeted therapies can also be implemented that are specific to the genetic makeup of each individual’s cancer. Today, we have access to sensitive radiation-free testing options that are safe and effective methods to monitor disease progression or regression. Increasing patient education on these therapies and tests will add to confidence and compliance. The wave of the future for cancer care is an “Integrative” approach.

How to Biohack Your Health to Treat and Prevent Chronic Degenerative Diseases

Dr. Joseph Mercola


  1. Highlight important tweaks to the ketogenic diet related to food timing and the importance of feast famine cycling to optimize many important mitochondrial signaling pathways.
  2. Other novel ways to improve mitochondrial function such as cold thermogenesis to increase fat burning tissues like mitochondrial dense brown and beige fat. Detoxification strategies using low EMF full spectrum infrared sauna will be reviewed along with photobiomodulation with red and near infrared light to optimize cytochrome C oxidase in the mitochondrial electron transport chain.
  3. Review the importance of photobiology and how not appreciating and applying this information will seriously compromise mitochondrial function and result in conditions like age related macular degeneration the leading cause of blindness.

The principles from his latest NY Times bestselling book, Fat for Fuel, will be extensively reviewed in the presentation. A special emphasis will be placed on how to optimize the ketogenic diet with food timing and cycling. Adjunctive strategies like optimization of light exposure with photobiology, cold thermogenesis, photobiomodulation with red and near infrared and full spectrum low EMF infrared sauna detox will be reviewed.

The Cancer Revolution – A program to reverse and prevent cancer.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy


  1. To educate on the latest technologies when it comes to cancer screening and testing. 
  2. To educate about the whole-person approach to treating cancer.
  3. To educate about why there isn’t one thing when treating cancer but many different factors.

When it comes to cancer, conventional doctors are trained to treat their patients exclusively with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Dr. Connealy has developed a whole-person approach to treating cancer- and these treatments have helped thousands of patients through her Cancer Center for Healing. In this lecture, Dr. Connealy will review the latest in cancer screening and technologies. She will focus on treating the whole patient to look for the root cause of their cancer, including genetic, physiological, environmental, nutritional, social, emotional and spiritual factors. She will go into the fact that chemotherapy and radiation have their place in treatment, but in many cases, they are simply not enough, because cancer isn’t caused by one thing, but by many different factors. The critical path begins with the practitioner directing the proper screening and tests before beginning treatment. She will review SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique) which is a treatment that can both detect and prevent cancer in early stages of progression. She will discuss a cancer treatment that protects a normal healthy cell, boosts the immune system, blocking the angiogenic process that supports cancer growth and minimizes cancer-induced cachexia.

A Collaborative Effort in Identifying and Understanding Underlying Emotional Roots to Chronic Disease

Dr. Michael Rankin , Dr. Michelle Schrader , Dr. Kari Wheeler


  1. Introduction to Evox, Recall Healing, & Emotion/Body Code
  2. Describe the collaborative process in utilizing the modalities
  3. Illustrate several case studies and observations

The purpose of this presentation is to share the benefits in combining modalities to enable individuals a deeper understanding about the underlying emotional roots to their illness. Evox, Emotion Code, and Recall Healing all address the underlying emotional issues related to illness albeit varied avenues, a short explanation will be provided. Recent observations seem to demonstrate individuals having a deeper awareness and a greater potential for clearing of physical issues by combining modalities. Several case studies will be illustrated, demonstrating these observations.

“New Life” Cancer Program

Dr. Steve Hines


  1. Discuss whether or not Umbilical Cord Stem Cells are appropriate to a Cancer program.
  2. How to make clinical decisions as to the use of Umbilical Cord Stem cells for Cancer.
  3. Are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells safe and effective for Cancer?

The people who tend to need Stem Cells are the same people who most likely have vary few of their own. Steroids and Statin drugs have a very detrimental effect on ones own Stem Cells.  Since expansion of extracted cells is not legal in the USA, there usually are simply not enough cells to do much good in the case of Adult Autologous Stem Cells.   Another problem is, Stem Cells migrate to areas of inflammation thus the surgical wound from either a bone marrow extraction or Liposuction as with fat cell derived cells creates a utilization problem.  Essentially the Lions share of the cells that are reinfused go right to the sight of the biopsy or surgical incision to heal the damage leaving few cells for regeneration elsewhere. In the case of Umbilical Cord Cells, the number of cells are in abundance and there is no insult because the cells are received without injury to the tissue other than the needle stick. In great contrast Umbilical Cord Cells are truly Pluripotent, meaning they can become any cells in the body including immune cells. Simply the recipient can garner a whole new immune system with one infusion.

Evidence-Based Molecular Integrative Oncology: Using Molecularly-Targeted Supplements & Re-purposed Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Will LaValley


  1. Participants will be able to identify three to five cancer types for Molecular Integrative Oncology treatment options complementary to conventional oncology treatment.
  2. Participants will be able to identify three supplements (natural products) and two re-purposed off-label pharmaceuticals for evidence-based molecularly-targeted Integrative Oncology treatment administration complementary to conventional oncology treatment.
  3. Participants will be able to document their recommendations to include appropriate evidence-based reference citations for Molecular Integrative Oncology treatment administration complementary to conventional oncology treatment so colleagues will understand a collaborative approach is being recommended.

During my lecture, I will show how molecular biology and intracellular signaling in cancer cells can be targeted with anti-cancer natural product supplements as well as with re-purposed off-label anti-cancer prescription medications.  Specific examples of common cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and glioblastomas will be used as examples in explaining the approach to evidence-based Molecular Integrative Oncology.  Supplements and their molecularly-targeted anti-cancer cellular mechanisms will include fisetin, curcumin, resveratrol, silymarin and other natural product molecules. Also, several commonly prescribed and OTC medications with re-purposed off-label molecularly-targeted oncological evidence will be presented including metformin, celecoxib (Celebrex®) and proton pump inhibitors. Case study examples will show practical clinical implementation of these treatment options in addition to – not instead of – conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Thy Food is No Longer Thy Medicine: Chemical Farming, the Loss of Nutrients, and the Chronic Disease Epidemics

Dr. Zach Bush


  1. Understand the mechanism by which we have destroyed the medicinal quality of our foods.
  2. Recognize chronic inflammatory conditions and the disease epidemics of the developed world in relation to the food production system.
  3. Develop recommendations for your patients to navigate a nutritional foundation in the context of our modern farming environment.

The industrial storm of the last 70 years has eliminated bacterial and fungal health of our soils, and left the human gut and immune systems vulnerable to injury.  Simultaneously our chemical weed killers have distributed a single chemical toxin into our food and water systems that removes many of the medicinal qualities of our food, resulting in widespread inflammation that is driving the epidemics of disease and infertility.  The correlations between diet, gut bacteria, and chronic disease in children and adults has been long recognized. This new science that Dr Bush’s team have uncovered finally delivers the mechanisms behind this relationship. This science offers new avenues for ongoing grassroots changes to big industry to foster a healthy future.

The Role Of Dentistry In Chronic Diseases

Dr. Stuart Nunnally


  1. What role does dentistry play in chronic disease states?
  2. How can integrative dentistry be one of your greatest allies in treating chronic disease states?
  3. This presentation will equip the listener with the information necessary to select an integrative dentist.

The role of dentistry in chronic and degenerative diseases has been documented in the literature for over one hundred years. Scientific data currently reveals that not only toxic metals commonly used in dentistry, but also occult dental infections can have serious systemic implications. This presentation clearly lays out the most common dental conditions which can lead to systemic illness and the presentation also clearly addresses the appropriate treatment.

Computerized Thermometry Correlation with Conventional Imaging

Dr. Dan Beilin


  1. To demonstrate how reproducible scanning now available by dynamic thermometry can be used to measure effectiveness of any therapy, whether immunotherapy, chemotherapy or complementary applications to patients with cancer
  2. To show how focal problems can relate and co-relate between emotional trauma and pathology
  3. To show how patients pronounced “in remission” are far from that in the details of causation shown by Regulation Thermography.

The role of functional testing in chronic and degenerative diseases has been documented in the literature, as Nuclear medicine physicians as well as radiologists have shown.  Heat-change measurements depicting certain 'signatures’  of systemic disease is the future of radiology. This method, regulation thermometry, holds the key to non-invasive and safe testing with the ability to visualize not only the effects of single organ stress, but views the whole-body systemic dysregulative processes as they develop.  Treatment can thereby be modified according to the Autonomic reflections of their effects

Creating Neuroplasticity with Neurofeedback

Dr. Thomas A Santucci


  1. Resolution of Complex Cases using a Functional Medicine approach 
  2. Learn how to effectively add Neurology to your Patient Evaluation
  3. Understand the use of Neurofeedback in developing Neuroplasticity

Coming soon...

Advanced PEMF Technology

Dr. Bob Dennis


  1. Present compelling data on the use of electromagnetic fields to control inflammation.
  2. Summarize the theory of operation of advanced inductive electro-magnetic stimulation.
  3. Discuss clinical applications.

Bob Dennis will present a brief overview of the history of PEMF technology, followed by recent advances that make the technology smaller, lighter, portable, less costly, safer and more energy efficient and biologically effective.  He will present recent scientific and clinical findings, as well as practical, technical, and theoretical considerations in the application of advanced PEMF for the treatment of specific injuries, for the control of inflammation and the non-invasive, external modulation of the autoimmune system.  He will conclude with a forward-looking overview of current and future research in this rapidly emerging field.

Assessing brain health via sensory percept

Dr. Mark Tommerdahl


  1. To describe how sensory percept correlates with neurophysiological function
  2. To demonstrate that metrics of sensory percept can be reliably obtained to detect alterations in CNS information processing
  3. To demonstrate how CNS information processing is impacted by different neurological disorders

For the past decade, we have been developing indices of CNS information processing that are based on sensory perceptual metrics. The original design of the metrics evolved from observations of dynamic interactions in cerebral cortical activity evoked by tactile stimuli. Cortical activity correlated well with measures of human perception, and this, in addition to decades of neuroscientific research, led us to hypothesize that alterations in cortical circuitry would result in well-defined and predictable changes in sensory percept. Observations have been collected in a number of subject populations that are consistent with the hypothesis that cortical dynamic metrics, or cortical metrics, are altered when mechanisms of information processing are degraded. To date, studies of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, chronic pain disorders, neurodegenerative disorders and neurotrauma have yielded observations demonstrating that cortical metrics is a very useful assessment tool for evaluating brain health and treatment efficacy of a wide range of interventions.

Neuro-Regeneration in Clinical Practice

Dr. Norm Shealy


  1. Essential blood testing for potential of neuro-regeneration
  2. The benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
  3. Biochemical and digestive restoration for neuro-regeneration


Although the central nervous system lacks ability to regenerate neurons that have been destroyed, there is tremendous plasticity in creating new circuits. The peripheral nervous system ca often be stimulated to regenerate. Biochemical adjuncts include especially B 12, folic acid, omega-3’s and Vitamin D, as well as restoration of healthy G.I flora. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy increases microcirculation and assists in regeneration of damaged peripheral nerves. In the central nervous system cognitive retraining can lead to development of new circuits to create alternative pathways.

Effectiveness of NADHplus

Dr. Simona Pop, MD, DDS


  1. Review the importance of NADH in cellular ATP production
  2. Learn the difference between NADH and NADHplus
  3. Learn of the amazing results in patients using NADHplus for Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s diseases

NADH is a crucial coenzyme in making ATP.  NADH will ultimately transport electrons to the mitochondria, where the cell can harvest energy stored in the electrons. In fact, many biologists refer to ATP as the 'energy currency of life’.  Using NADHplus (active form) daily in a clinical trial in Vienna, demonstrated amazing results with a positive impact on 30 patients with Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s diseases.  During treatment, all of them had only NADHplus, orthomolecular treatment & a special diet.  All 30 patients experienced a significant reduction of their ill-health & overall satisfaction of patients with NADHplus treatment was very high.  During this presentation, Dr. Pop will describe greater details of the treatments given.

Benefits of Oxaloacetate in CNS Disorders, Seizures & Premenstrual Syndrome

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger


  1. How to employ nutritional compounds to address symptoms of PMS and fatigue
  2. Learn how to construct nutritional approaches to reduce seizures
  3. Demonstrate understanding of the biochemical benefits of oxaloacetat

Millions of people use analgesics on a daily basis for pain control. Both prescription and OTC forms are used. This talk will review the clinical and research literature that addresses the type
During ischemia, hypoxia, seizures, strokes, CNS inflammation, brain trauma, diabetes and neurodegenerative conditions, excessive release of glutamate from neurons and astrocytes initiates neuronal degeneration. Controlling glutamate levels in seizure disorders can reduce incidence of seizures.  When glutamate is released in the brain synapses, it is usually quickly removed by excitatory amino-acid transporters. The glutamate transporters in the brain capillaries allow unidirectional transport of glutamate out of the brain and into the blood stream down a concentration gradient.  The bloodstream enzyme glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase (GOT), when activated by oxaloacetate, decreases glutamate levels in the blood. Decreasing blood glutamate levels produces a large glutamate gradient between the brain and blood, which facilitates the lowering of brain glutamate. Besides neuronal degeneration, brain mitochondrial energy production declines in CNS diseases. Oxaloacetate has therapeutic value not only in energy production, but also in reduction of inflammation, increasing new neuron formation in the brain memory area and in increasing mitochondria in brain neurons. 

The Microbiome’s Maintenance and Protection of the Gut/Brain System

Dr. Zach Bush


  1. Understand the roll of the extracellular matrix in the protection and maintenance of the intestinal, and vascular components of the Gut/Brain axis.
  2. Understand the roll of the bacterial and fungal microbiome in the production of cell-cell communication throughout our autonomic systems
  3. Establish some practical guidelines for your patient care that enables the individual to reestablish a healthy relationship with their environment.  

The beginning of health for the Gut-Brain Systems of the human body is the maintenance of the extracellular matrix that provides the scaffold and intercellular communication system that is fundamental to macromembranes of the gut/blood and blood/brain barriers.  Here we look at the environmental threats and the microbiome defense systems for resilient barriers to protect the immunologic systems of the immune systems of the peripheral and central nervous system.

Macular Degeneration and Other “Uncurable” Chronic Degenerative Eye Diseases: Integrative Medical Strategies for Restoring Vision

Dr. Damon Miller


  1. Learning strategies available now for treating genetically programed diseases like Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Stargardt. How they can be suppressed and even reversed.
  2. How to easily introduce this program of treatment into your existing practice. There are tens of millions of people in the United States with these conditions, and allopathic medicine has no drug or surgery to offer them, so it does nothing.  We in the integrative medical community need to step up to help our clients, our communities and at the same time support the business of our practices.
  3. The techniques we use to reverse eye disease also support recovery from stroke, spinal cord injury and even acute and chronic musculo-skeletal problems. The common thread is learning to support the adult stem cells that we all carry, as they are responsible for all regeneration and repair.

Degenerative retinal diseases like Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Stargardt are an epidemic today. Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in older people, yet these are diseases which the ophthalmologists consider hopeless, and for which they offer nothing unless there is a complication of bleeding. Dr. Miller has been using some proven techniques from Integrative Medicine to restore vision for twenty years, and he needs your help. With over 20 million people in this country with Macular Degeneration alone, he can’t treat them all, and needs others to take on using these techniques in their practices.

The Eye in the Early Diagnosis of Chronic Diseases

Dr. Tom Lewis


  1. Education on the Association between Eye Pathologies and Cardiovascular Disease
  2. Education on the Association between Eye Pathologies and Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Review of the major prospective eye pathology studies including AREDS

Eye diseases are deadly diseases – thus systemic diseases. The eye is the most easily accessed of all the disease biomarkers. Eye pathology exams are low cost, non-invasive, and 100,000,000 eye exams are conducted in the U.S. annually. Eye biomarkers are critical in the early diagnosis, especially in asymptomatic people because these disease often precede serious chronic conditions by a decade or more. Many prospective trials show a strong eye disease/mortality connection. In addition, the eye may be used in the early diagnosis of depression, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes (II) and cardiovascular diseases.

The Importance of the Eye for Conquering Chronic Diseases: Case Studies

Dr. Clement L. Trempe


  1. The importance of the eye for Conquering Chronic Diseases. Education on the Association between Eye Pathologies and Brain Disorders.
  2. How to Craft Relationships with Optometrists to Create Better Care Teams
  3. Case Studies of the ocular findings in patients with early neurodegenerative diseases. The eye examinations are important for the early detection and the proper follow-up of patients with neurodegenerative diseases from depression to Alzheimer’s disease.  Functional doctors will improve their diagnostic capabilities for conquering chronic diseases when they work with eye doctors.

Dr. Trempe will present several cases studies on both young and old patients and show the clinical connection between OCT and other eye measurements and brain disorders. The eye is a particularly valuable window to disease – both presenting and asymptomatic. Young people with depression often have eye pathologies indicating a chronic degenerative condition. Alzheimer’s sufferers usually have eye pathologies that we detectable a decade before any signs or symptoms of cognitive impairment. This presentation will show the utility of a simple, low cost, non-invasive eye exam as the cornerstone of early diagnosis and motivation for patients to take action.

Management of Neurodegenerative Diseases in Adults and Children with IV Nutrition and Electromagnetic Modalities

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega


  1. Understand common causes of neurodegenerative diseases
  2. Understand how to treat neurodegenerative diseases
  3. Understand how to monitor treatment results

Dr. Marcial-Vega will present the common causes of neurodegenerative diseases such as toxins, lack of exercise, poor diet and stress and the management of the diseases with intravenous phospholipids, B12, Glutathione, microcurrent and pulsed electromagnetic fields.  

NEURONAL REGENERATION: HCG Stimulates Transected Spinal Cord Repair; Nutrients and other Substances which Stimulate Neuronal Regeneration and New Brain Cell Formation; Oxytocin and Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

Dr. Jonathan Wright


  1. Gain familiarity with forgotten research and application of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for neurological repair in animals and humans
  2. Explore via research review natural substances including nutrients, botanicals, hormones, and attenuation of the TGF-b pathway that have been found to protect neurons, stimulate new neuron formation, and promote neuronal regeneration.  Inhibition of neuronal proliferation by excess as well as deficiencies of nutrients and other natural substances is discussed.
  3. Gain awareness of potential new therapies and promising new research for prevention of cognitive decline, cognitive enhancement and neuronal regeneration.

This presentation reviews historical research with Human Chorionic Hormone Gonadotropin (HCG) for neuronal regeneration including repair of transected spinal cord (animal study), dosage used to partially reverse paraplegia (human cases). Next follows review of natural substances found to have preventative and reparative effect on brain cells resulting in neuronal regeneration such as lithium, taurine, centella asiatica, retinoic acid and others.  Neural stem cell proliferation by natural agents and repair of the adult central nervous system (rat study) by folate and other natural means are explored.  Specific hormones and their effects are discussed as well as lipids and attenuation of TGF-B pathway.  Situations where over-stimulation can behave with inhibitory action are also addressed in the lecture.  Supporting research is provided throughout the lecture.