Muscle-Testing Hands-on Workshop (Stop Flying Blind)

Progressive Labs Building, Irving, Texas (Dallas area near DFW Airport) May 5-6, 2023

Before I started teaching myself muscle-testing in 1990, I could predict which tests would come back abnormal from the lab on my patients 15% of the time, but after practicing muscle-testing daily for a year, I could predict which tests were going to come back abnormal from the lab 85% of the time. I increased my diagnostic acumen almost 6-fold in one year. I then realized that a year earlier I had been figuratively “flying blind.” My desire is to teach as many practitioners muscle testing as I can and to encourage each one of them to teach their office staff and then their patients and their patients’ families. I believe we are entering into perilous times and we need to have low-tech tools that can help us to gain and maintain health. Lee Cowden MD

Workshop Topics

  1. Exposure to several types of muscle-testing with focus on developing some proficiency with at least one type
  2. Learning causes of blocked regulation & how to correct each to avoid erroneous results
  3. Learning other common causes of erroneous muscle-testing results (switching, fractured personality and tester-bias) and how to correct them
  4. Learning surrogate-testing procedures and why to use surrogate-testing
  5. Learning 2-point testing and muscle-tests for effectiveness & tolerance
  6. Muscle-testing Chakra spin direction, learn ways to correct it & why this is important
  7. Muscle-testing 42 Voll Control-Measurement-Points on hands & feet & how to correct
  8. Learning how to muscle-test for chronic Traumatic-Brain-Injury & how to correct
  9. Learning muscle-testing for “jammed skull” and how to “unjam” the skull manually
  10. Muscle-testing joint misalignments & teaching patients how to self-adjust their joints
  11. Muscle-testing for geopathic fields and testing for electromagnetic fields & correcting
  12. Learning NEW Laser Energetic Detox method that requires no electrodermal screening
  13. A brief intro to ozone therapies (as time permits)

Teachers & hands-on hand-holders

  • Lee Cowden MD,
  • Jennifer Gramith ND,
  • Rhett Bergeron MD,
  • Michelle Schrader-Dawson PhD,
  • Jerry Weber ND,
  • Cliff Fetters MD,
  • Tammy Hughes CHHP, CLT

Workshop Tuition

$350 early-bird price or $400 after April 4 (which also includes lunch both days, a syllabus, a copper coil to test chakra spin direction, a laser-pointer with vial-holder for doing Laser Detox, a digital download of the workshop video-recording, $100 value of 3 Nutramedix products plus a 47-item muscle-testing kit containing all the Nutramedix products)

Laser Detox Muscle-test kit

Offered separately for $300 early-bird price (or $350 after April 4), the muscle-testing kit has 100 vials necessary to do NEW Laser Detox; kit will be hand-delivered at the workshop to attendees who have purchased them separately for the early-bird price)

Recommended hotel

  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • 7516 Las Colinas Blvd
  • Irving, Tx 75063
  • 972-444-8434
  • Click here for reduced room price for $129 /night until April 8, 2023 (complimentary breakfast, parking & WiFi.


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