Practitioner's Brain Regeneration Conference

The nation’s most innovative conference on integrative neurological treatments.


The United States is in the midst of a neurologic disease epidemic with conditions from Autism to Alzheimer’s, and from Parkinson’s to MS and ALS. Since allopathic medicine has very little to offer patients with neurologic diseases in the United States, attendees at this conference will gain the evaluative and therapeutic tools which will help them to help patients in their communities that are given little or no help or hope otherwise.




The presenters at this conference will teach attendees how to identify the preventable risks for these conditions, how to reverse these conditions consistently at early stages as well as often reversing these conditions even in their later stages. 

  • Learn how to prevent chronic neurologic diseases in themselves, their family members and in their patients
  • Identify neurologic diseases at earlier stages than their allopathic colleagues can
  • Learn how to reverse these conditions, often even when in advanced stages

Speakers and Topics


Not a doctor? Interested in attending our public conference? Join us for Get Your Brain Back NOW!! The doctors presenting at this seminar will help you to understand the hope we have to effectively treat and prevent chronic neurological conditions. If you or someone you love seeks to treat or prevent neurologic conditions, please join us at this seminar to begin to Get Your Brain Back Now!

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Health Professional Conference: Brain Regeneration

What's Included:

  1. 17½ Continuing Education Credits ($50 CE Certificate purchase required)
  2. Full-access 3-day pass to all speakers, events and exhibits
$699.00 $549.00

This conference is approved for 17 ½ Continuing Education credits through Westbrook University. It is the responsibility of each attendee to determine if these credits will fulfill the requirements of their respective state licensing boards. The additional cost to attendees for the CE Certificate will be $50.

Conference Venue

Florida Hotel and Conference Center

1500 Sand Lake Rd
Orlando, Florida 32809

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We understand Life Happens! If you find your circumstances have changed, we’ll be happy to grant a full refund of your ticket purchase prior to 14 days from the beginning of the event.